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Does Weider Prime Really Work?

Weider prime testosterone support is a mediocre supplement

Weider Prime is a budget testosterone booster made by MDrive, and by comparison it's nowhere near as good of a recipe as the one they kept for themselves. Weider prime is basically an Ashwagandha pill with a decent testosterone support vitamin blend and that's about it. Fortunately it is priced relatively cheaply for a test booster or Weider Prime would get a much worse score from us. As it stands it's not terrible as a short term supplement, but due to DIM potentially depressing test (more studies needed, but it is a concern) with long term use we don't recommend it for the long term. Short term it will help support healthy testosterone levels if you have any vitamin deficiencies. There are however far better options if you're looking for a supplement to help build lean muscle mass, mood improvement or for a libido enhancing effect. As for their claims about Weider Prime helping lower body fat there are much better supplements specifically designed for weight loss. It will however, help raise performance if you are lacking in any of the vitamins, and Ashwagandha extract has been shown to have a positive effect on muscle mass growth. [1] But, Ashwagandha is in a lot of other better T boosting supplements. 

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Weider Prime Testosterone Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about Weider Prime

Is Weider Prime Safe?

Yes, excluding the risk of allergens Weider Prime should be safe for human consumption. Some people will experience Weider Prime side effects, but these are typically limited to nausea and stomach pain which can often be mitigated by taking Weider prime Testosterone Support with food. That said, supplements are not regulated by the FDA in the same way that medications are, although all of the ingredients have been deemed fit for human consumption. 

Weider Prime vs Nugenix

When comparing Nugenix vs Weider Prime Testosterone Support it dose depend on which of Nugenix T boosters we're actually looking at. For the most part Nugenix do win out although they're not much better, and certainly worse when you consider their price point. Nugenix win out on ingredients with some of their newer formulas, but Weider Prime do win out on price point. We wouldn't recommend either to be perfectly honest, although a lot of people seem to want to compare the two.

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Weider Prime vs Prime Male

If we compare Weider Prime against our number one rated testosterone booster, then there really is no competition. Yes Prime Male is more expensive, but you get 4 times the ingredients for 3 times the price and they're actually the more expensive ones. Considering Weider Prime largely bills itself as a performance enhancing test booster, it misses out on proven ingredients like Ginseng, DAA, Luteolin, Fenugreek and could even dose Vitamin D higher for a relatively cheap performance boost. In short, if you can afford the extra $25 a month, get Prime Male instead of Weider Prime and you'll see a massive difference in the results.

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Weider Prime Review Conclusion

Weider Prime isn't terrible it just is an example of you get what you pay for. It's a relatively budget supplement that could easily be replaced by a multivitamin for most men. It doesn't stack up very well against the best testosterone boosters on the market even if it does contain some effective ingredients. It misses out on a host of more expensive proven test boosting supplements in an effort to keep the price down and appeal to a mass audience.

It's not going to be anywhere near the best option to help you build lean muscle mass or strip body fat. It does address some core (and common) deficiencies, so a lot of men will likely have positive results with Weider Prime by addressing these in the short term, but they could get a lot more from a better testosterone booster without the downsides of DIM.

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Overall 5/10


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