LeanBean Reviews 2023

LeanBean Is Actually Pretty Good

Leanbean is a great weight loss supplement it's very similar to Hourglass Fit, which we ranked as our best womens fat burners, although if we're being completely honest it's a toss up as to which one we'd recommend. Hourglass Fit won out due to it's inclusion of 5htp, making it a little bit better at dealing with cravings, but Leanbean is better at dealing with bloating due to the inclusion of Turmeric, which for anyone who is a little bit sensitive to Glucomannan is going to have it winning out.

The Glucomannan dose of 3000mg per day is perfect and it's the most effective over the counter appetite suppressant available [1]. It works quite simply, it absorbs water in your stomach and swells up to 50X it's size, meaning that each serving will feel like you've eaten a large bagel (it's about the same size). So, it's pretty easy to see how that would help you feel less hungry.

That's not all Leanbean get's right, but honestly this is one of only a few womens fat burners that actually works, (if you've read many of our reviews you'll see we don't recommend a lot) so if you're looking for something to support your weight loss journey, then Leanbean is a good option. 

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Customers Leanbean Reviews

There are 1000s of Leanbean before and after photos available online and even more testimonials, overall the reviews are great by the standards of weight loss supplements although there will always be some people disappointed that it's not a magic bullet. At the end of the day you'll still have to eat right, but Leanbean makes that a lot easier to stick to and lose weight. It can help you burn a few extra calories by itself, but not enough to make a massive difference. As a result customers Leanbean reviews are generally positive when people have gone into it with the attitude that it's going to support them in controlling their calorie intake. There are a couple of complaints of side effects, but not many, and most of the negative reviews they have seem to be from some shipping issues that the company had for about a month, there were almost none complaining about the product itself, which is a very good sign.

LeanBean vs Hourglass Fit

This one was really close like we said, but if you have more issues with cravings then go with Hourglass Fit, if you have more issues with bloating then go with LeanBean

LeanBean Reviews FAQ

Everything else you need to know from a Leanbean Review

When To Take Leanbean?

This is quite important, Leanbean relies heavily on glucomannan, which is a very effective supplement for losing weight. But, it's been shown to be most effective if you take it about 30 minutes before you eat (or prep a meal if you're cooking) the reason is because it will take about 30 minutes to make you feel full, and this will mean you'll eat less or cook less. A lot of people make too much food when they're hungry and as a result want to clear their plate which is not conducive to losing weight.

Is Leanbean Safe?

Leanbean is (assuming you're not allergic to any ingredients) completely safe, the worst Leanbean side effects are likely to be an upset stomach, but this is relatively uncommon and always a risk with any dietary supplements. 

Does Leanbean Have Caffeine?

Leanbean does not directly have any Caffeine Anhydrous which is common in a lot of weight loss supplements. This could be both good or bad depending on your sensitivity to the stimulant. It's actually quite effective as a fat burner. There are some traces in the green coffee bean extract, but this is negligible.

Is Leanbean FDA Approved?

Leanbean is not specifically FDA approved. Natural supplements do not require direct FDA approval as long as they use tested ingredients and follow manufacturing guidelines.

Where To Buy Leanbean?

You can only buy the Leanbean fat burner from their official website , anything else is liable to be fake.

Leanbean vs PhenQ

This is hands down a win for Leanbean, PhenQ is only really effective if you're training heavily and even then Leanbean is going to be far more effective with more proven ingredients. The appetite suppressant effects of Leanbean make a far bigger difference.

Leanbean vs Instant Knockout

This one's a bit of a toss up, if you work out and want to train whilst on a diet the caffeine boost and the vitamin D (which helps muscle function) would mean that instant knockout beats Leanbean. However, with a higher glucomannan content, if you're just looking for a appetite suppression Leanbean would be a better option.

Leanbean vs Trimtone

Leanbean, no questions. Trimtone is basically a horribly under dosed version of Leanbean, similar ingredients, just in way to small of a dosage to actually be effective at helping you lose weight.

Leanbean vs Provitalize

Leanbean wins here hands down, Provitalize is not a good supplement, and any positives it does have are purely as a result from the placebo effect there are no studies to back up any of Provitalize's claim.

Leanbean vs Plenity

Go with Leanbean, Plenity, like Provitalize is not a good supplement and it won't help you lose weight, we do not recommend Plenity, we're amazed that they're actually allowed to make the claims that they do. The study that Plenity use to claim their product works was done on 10 people.... that should probably say enough.

Leanbean Reviews Conclusion

Leanbean will help you consume fewer calories, thus it will help you lose weight, it's got a couple of ingredients that will help you burn fat, but that's not really it's strong suit. This is something to help you lower your calorie intake by suppressing your appetite. And that's good. This should be the focus of more weight loss supplements because it actually works. 

It's not a magic bullet, but it will help promote weight loss in people who are following a healthy diet and could be the little bit of help you need to make all the difference on the days when it gets hard. We do recommend Leanbean. 

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Category Score
 Appetite 10/10
Cravings 7/10
Thermogenesis 5/10
Energy 5/10
Customer Reviews 9/10
Value 9/10
Overall 8/10