Providing data backed insight into best health practices for employers and policy makers across North America and working to improve the health and lives of people across the nation. 

Whether that's covering the ins and outs of helping implement a healthy life style, to the best options to supplements in the modern working world, our reseach team is dedicated to demystifying the field and creating improved work life balance to generate better productivity outcomes and build supportive environements in which everyone can thrive.

EAP Health Resources

The Most Important Bits

Work Place Nutrition

Our guide to work place nutrition, keeping your employees healthy, and examples from AHELP.

EASNA Research Archive

The EASNA EAP research archives. 

Chosing EAP Partners

Our guide to help you chose the best EAP partners for your work force, making sure you get what matters right.

Health Guides

Advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, bridging the gap between research and actual implementation. Empowering you to help your employees live their best life. Whether that's recommending supplements for better mental health or building communal excersise options for weight loss, better health, means better performance.


Modern lifestyles are often missing key vitamins and nutrients, and office working has it's hand in the obesity epidemic. We look at products that can help and what you should avoid.

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Access EASNA's wide range of research documents from the last 2 decades of work.

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Guides for policy makers, EAP professionals and employers to implementing positive health policies.

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Nootropics are a new range of supplements that aid focus, reduce stress and increase productivity, they've become increasingly popular as a way of improving brain and mental health.

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It's been our privilage to work to create the best EAP practices, guaranteeing that employers implment solutions to improve overall health through evidence based solutions.