Muscletech Test HD Reviews

Does ​Muscletech Test HD Really Work?

Muscletech is a good brand, but this isn’t a good product

Muscletech reviews are generally pretty favorable, after all a lot of their supplements are pretty good. They’ve got something of a pedigree in the fitness industry, unfortunately, a good line of products overall often has a couple of mishits and Muscletech Test HD is one of those mishits. For some reason Muscletech testosterone boosters always seem to be lackluster. Whilst they get a couple of ingredients right there’s a lot in here that is just pointless or doesn’t really do anything for testosterone levels. For example, the inclusion of Broccoli Powder is relatively useless, and this is an issue that is common across other Mucletech testosterone boosters.

  They get a couple of things close to right, the boron dosage (although they use the much larger boron citrate, with 100mg equaling 5mg of normal boron [1] padding the capsule needlessly) is sort of effective, in that it’s within the useable range, but at the bottom end. This is true across the ingredients that Muscletech Test does actually get right. Honestly the short answer is that Muscletech Test HD is a poor product and Muscletech should probably stick to pre workouts. 

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MuscleTech Test HD Review Conclusion

Muscletech Test HD is a poor product, there’s a couple of testosterone boosting ingredients in here, but nothing that’s going to do a great deal. The worst thing is that it’s actually at quite a high price point for what it is, doing very little to boost test levels. We don’t recommend this product, you’d be far better off getting something containing ginseng, DAA’s or Ashwagandha as these all have more potent effects than the ingredients in Muscletech HD.

Muscletech HD is their worst testosterone booster, you’d be better off with MuscleTech Alpha, or Elite instead. Although none of these made it onto our best testosterone boosters list. 

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Mood 6/10
Libido 6/10
Ingredients 6/10
Customer Reviews 8/10
Value 8/10
Overall 7/10


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