Flexitrinol Reviews

Is Flexitrinol Any Good? And Do We Recommend It?

Too Little Of Everything To Be Effective.

Flexitrinol is a highly under dosed joint pain supplement that is unlikely to do very much to help with joint pain relief. Whilst we don't have any issues with the ingredients themselves, the dosages range from 4-10X below their effective ranges for actually having a marked impact on joint pain, especially if we're looking at more severe cases as these dosages don't meet the recommendations for even mild osteoarthritis, never mind the fact that other conditions and injuries are often dosed even higher. 

For example the Omega oils included in Flexitrinol come to a grand total of 90mg, whereas the studies suggest you need far more and most simple omega oil supplements offer around 1100mg (the recommended daily dosage for an adult). So, we can discount the measly 90mg here and look at the rest of the ingredients which suffer from similar problems. It's significantly overpriced for what it is costing almost $100 for a months supply and all in all we cannot recommend Flexitrinol.There are much better and correctly dosed joint supplements available for less than this. We would recommend that you take a look at our best joint pain supplement list here. 

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Flexitrinol Reviews FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we found when researching our flexitrinol review

Are there any flexitrinol side effects?

There can be side effects from the individual ingredients in flexitrinol, however because it doesn't actually contain enough of the ingredients to effectively improve joint health, it's unlikely that you'll experience any. In a realistic worst case scenario, assuming you have no allergies, you could experience some mild heart palpitations and rise in blood pressure as a result of glucosamine hcl's potential side effects. 

Flexitrinol Review Conclusion

Flexitrinol simply doesn't have enough of the active ingredients for us to consider it a good joint health supplement, there are far better correctly dosed products that promote joint health that are available at the same price point. The product doesn't seem to have anything really going for it when we compare it to anything that's on our best joint health supplements list. The ingredients are all good choices. Albeit sometimes the cheaper options. Flexitrinol seems like a cash grab, rather than an attempt to action make a good joint mobility aid.

Best Supplements For Joint Pain
Category Score
Ingredients 3/10
Joint Health 2/10
Pain Relief 2/10
Customer Satisfaction 4/10
Other Benefits 1/10
Value 1/10
Overall 2/10


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