Genius Mushrooms Reviews 2023

Do Genius Mushrooms Work?

Overblown claims from Genius Mushrooms

Genius Mushrooms is a nootropic supplement from the Genius brand. It is designed using a blend of organic mushrooms grown in the USA to enhance mental clarity, immune function, natural energy levels, oxygen utilization and overall brain health, to support a healthy lifestyle.

However, when you study the Genius Mushrooms ingredients, dosages, and customer reviews, it quickly becomes clear that taking Genius Mushrooms won't have the effects that the Genius brand claims.

The Genius Mushroom formula centres around three mushrooms, Lion's mane, cordyceps, and reishi mushrooms, and also features a pair of "other ingredients" in hypromellose and ascorbyl palmitate.

The use of both cordyceps and reishi mushrooms have their roots based in traditional chinese medicine, yet there is little clinical evidence to prove that either actually works. Even if they do though, studies suggest they won't when used in the doses present in Genius Mushrooms.

Of the three mushrooms, lion's mane is the only one proven to be effective and is even used in an effective dose. Unfortunately, this is too little too late, especially as the "other ingredients" add no benefits, as it can't do all of the work by itself.

There have also been complaints about the serving size and many reports of side effects, which range from mild symptoms to major issues, which is always a huge red flag with a supplement.

Being certified organic and vegan and being reasonably priced are all nice features, but they don't come close to saving this subpar product.

That is why we recommend you avoid taking Genius Mushrooms and use Hunter Focus instead. A supplement that actually offers all of the benefits that the Genius brand claim their product does, without the side effects, it is a case of all reward and no risk.

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Genius Mushroom Review Conclusion

Medicinal mushrooms can be a great alternative to prescription drugs for people seeking an immune booster and brain function and cognitive health enhancer. Unfortunately, Genius Mushrooms simply can't offer the benefits the top mushroom supplements can provide.

While lion's mane mushrooms are indeed great immune and cognitive function enhancers, they can't do everything themselves. From the other ingredients not being proven, to Genius Mushrooms side effects and dosages, we simply can't recommend you buy Genius Mushrooms.

We instead suggest you try Hunter Focus. A brain function, focus, and concentration booster made with only optimal doses of proven ingredients, including lion's mane mushrooms, it will enhance your brain health and immune system in ways Genius Mushrooms can only dream of.

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