Joint Buddy Review

Is Joint Buddy Any Good?

Joint Buddy Is A Good Budget Option.

From collagen to curcumin, there's a lot of potential ingredients for joint supplements out there, and not all ingredients are as well backed. Fortunately Joint Buddy does stick to some of the most well backed and contains good doses. So, in this review we will dive in and discover the ingredients (all 21of them) that are used in “Joint Buddy”.

It's a fairly recent launch, but we do like it, especially with the price point having it come in similar to most cheap supermarket brands, despite offering a far more robust supplement than it's competitors at this price point. 

There's nothing misleading here, a good dose of glucosamine, MSM a fair amount of vitamins and minerals and we've got a good start, throw in a couple of herbal extrcts and joint buddy is breaking into the top tier dispite it's budget price tag. About our only complaint is that we'd prefer it had vitamin D instead of copper.

If you've got the money spare we still would say FlexAgain is a better option, but at this price point Joint Buddy is the best option. Although we would recommend getting their omega pack which comes with a high quality EPA and DHA supplement as well as the general joint health option at about $27 a month.


Pros and Cons 


  • 21 scientifically backed ingredients.
  • There are no side effects mentioned in any Joint Buddy reviews.
  • Only premium ingredients used.
  • Produced in FDA-registered facilities ensuring a safe, quality product.
  • Zero proprietary blend.
  • It worked for us.


  • There is no mention of a refund policy on the official website of Joint Buddy.
  • No suitable for vegetarians.

Joint Buddy Reviews Conclusion

Joint Buddy is good, especially for the price, generally speaking you'd spend twice as much to get an MSM, Glucosamine and an Omega supplement than you can get from Joint Buddies bundle deal so there really isn't too much bad to say about it. Seeing as you then get all the vitamins thrown in on top. 

Is it as good as the supplement we rated number one for joint health (FlexAgain), no, but considering it's $30 a month cheaper, then it is a great product that we highly recommend to anyone on a budget. 

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Category Score
Ingredients 8/10
Joint Health 8/10
Pain Relief 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Other Benefits 6/10
Value 10/10
Overall 8/10