Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Review

Is nordic naturals omega 3 good?

Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Is A Good Choice, But...

Omega-3 fats are incredibly good for the heart and contain unsaturated fats crucial for our overall health and fitness. There is some difference between the branded supplements, but the reality when it comes to pure omega 3 pills it's mostly price.

In fact, in the US alone, more than a third of adults who use dietary supplements daily use fish oil capsules for the treatment of disease or health conditions most commonly arthritis.

When it comes down to what you should look for it's really the split of EPA and DHA unless it's a combined supplement which contains other ingredients.

You want to look to see that the EPA is slightly higher as it's generally slightly more weighted towards joint health benefits and DHA towards brain health although both play a role in joints.

If you're looking for an Omega 3 supplement for joint pain or health, then you can find a list of the best specialised joint supplements.

As for whether or not nordic naturals ultimate omega 3 fish oil is any good, it's as good as any of it's fish oil only competitors. In fact we'd say it's better than the likes of Omega xl as nordic naturals ultimate omega is more reasonably priced and contains the full recommended dosage of omega 3 for the day.

That all said, if it's joint health benefits you're looking for we'd generally recommend spending the extra $20 a month on FlexAgain, which has the added benefits of curcumin, eurovita 77 (a high concentrate ginger extract), resveratrol, vitamin d, k, boswellia, glucosamine and more in there effective clinically trialled dosages (although you do have to take 4 pills a day).

Best Supplements For Joint Pain


  • Wallet-friendly
  • Easy to swallow
  • Contains high-quality fish oil
  • Avoids a fishy aftertaste
  • Subtle lemon flavor works great
  • Available as soft gel capsule or liquid


  • More flavors for the liquid product would be great
  • A few minor complaints about large capsules noted

Nordic Naturals Review Conclusion

For those searching for a powerful fish oil capsule, we do not doubt that Nordic has the one for you. Using only quality materials, and in sustainable and powerful quantities, we do not doubt that consistent consumption will offer everything you need after a few weeks.

Although Nordic also offers a budget-friendly offering — Nordic Naturals Omega-3, which is a solid middle-shelf offering, but Ultimate Omega is where you want to be for a healthy boost of healthy nutrients.So as omega supplements go it's good, so if you're just looking to supplement your omega 3 then it's great, however, if you're looking for something for brain health benefits or joint pain then you'd be better off getting FlexAgain or something else from our best joint supplements list.

Category Score
Ingredients 9/10
Joint Health 6/10
Pain Relief 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 9/10
Other Benefits 4/10
Value 8/10
Overall 7/10