Six Star Testosterone Booster Review 2023

Does Six Star Testosterone Really Work?

Six Star Testosterone Booster Should Be One Star Testosterone Booster

As you may have guessed from the strapline, six star testosterone boosters are pretty much a disaster from start to finish. This supplement is not a good testosterone booster and we really don't recommend it at all. It's not going to do you any harm, like the very worst supplements we've reviewed, but it's not going to do you any good either. It fails to get even the cheapest and simplest ingredient dosages correct such as not including a full 10mg (the tested dose) of boron, which for some reason they use boron citrate which only provides 5mg of the supplement that requires. This is pretty much exemplary of the whole product. Then there's the inclusion of what look simply like a random grab bag of ingredients like calcium and sodium which aren't related to testosterone boosting. Six Star Testosterone Booster could have opted for zinc, magnesium, vitamin d or a host of other relatively cheap ingredients and we'd have been able to at least say that it would work somewhat.

About the only thing positive that we have to say about the product is that it's relatively cheaply priced as testosterone boosters go, but that's not exactly great when the product is this poor. We recommend you take a different supplement with ingredients actually designed to raise testosterone levels. 

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Six Star Testosterone Booster FAQ

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Customers Six Star Testosterone Booster Reviews

The customer reviews look a little fishy, amazon has 100s of 5* reviews that actually seem to say negative things. They may well have been autogenerated, some complain about the bottle size and cost, only to give it 5* for example, others claimed it produced no results, also rating the supplement 5*. (edit, it seems several of these have disappeared since time of writing) There is also an unnatural level of ratings to full written reviews. Beyond that there are a lot of positive customer reviews of six star testosterone booster, but we can't give them any credence as they're curated by the manufacturer.

Is Six Star Testosterone Booster Safe?

Six star is so low in terms of dosage you're unlikely to have any side effects unless you're allergic to something. Whilst natural supplements are not regulated by the FDA all of the individual ingredients are listed as fit for human consumption, as a result six star should be safe. Unfortunately due to the doses, it's unlikely you'll see any benefits of enhanced performance beyond the placebo effect.

Does Six Star Testosterone Booster Work?

If it does, it's only via placebo effect, the doses are to low, or the ingredients shown are unrelated to testosterone production, you'd likely see more improvement in free testosterone levels by improving your diet and exercise program or using a better testosterone booster. 

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

Will six star testosterone booster boost your body's natural testosterone production, maybe, just a little bit, if the lower dosage of boron works for you. But, is it a good testosterone booster, certainly not. The claims made by the supplement are ambitious at best and we don't think it will have any notable impacts in regards to helping you improve athletic performance. Compared to better testosterone boosters available on the market, almost anything would be a step up from six star testosterone booster. 

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