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EASNA review the best meal replacements

Best Meal Replacement FAQ

Everything you want to know about meal replacement powders

Are Meal Replacements Safe?  

Yes, meal replacement shakes should be thought of as food. They are mostly made from natural food ingredients, and while some may have artificial sweeteners and some fillers, they do not contain ingredients harmful to your health.

How to Take Meal Replacements?  

You will need a shaker with a well-fitted lid. Pour 500 ml of cold water into your shaker and add the meal replacement shake powder (usually around 100 grams). Fix the top on tight, and then shake the shaker vigorously for between 10 seconds and 30 seconds. Then drink.

How Often Should I Take a Meal Replacement?  

Most people would benefit from replacing just one meal per day with a meal replacement. But if you are looking to lose weight, then two per day is advisable. Rarely do people take three per day, but this is only for a short period.

Are Meal Replacements Vegan?  

Quite a few meal replacements are vegan. On this list, IK Complete, Rootana, PhenQ and Huel are vegan friendly

Do Meal Replacements Contain Artificial Sweeteners?  

The vast majority of meal replacement shakes contain artificial sweeteners. They allow the shakes to taste very lovely without increasing the sugar/calorie content. If you are allergic to artificial sweeteners or prefer to avoid them, then Rootana is ideal as it uses natural coconut sugars as its sweetener and avoids artificial sweeteners altogether.

Instant Knockout Complete: Best Meal Replacement for Weight Loss

Instant Knockout Complete is a meal replacement shake designed specifically for weight loss. Instant Knockout makers are mostly known for their highly effective fat burner “Cut”. Both supplements have a synergistic relationship, each one complementing the other. Not that you can’t get superb results by just taking one of the other. The main reason we like it is that when we compare it against the other high protein meal replacement shakes designed to keep you full it tastes infinitely better. Comparing it against Huel Black is not even close, this tastes good and actually has a really nice consistency.

Complete is very high in protein, with 35 grams of plant-based protein per serving and 35 grams of carbohydrates (13 grams of fibre) in a shake containing just 400 calories. It also contains several vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin D, known for its weight loss properties and ability to enhance your mood. Complete has an excellent ingredients list, packed full of real food ingredients such as oat flour, pea protein, soy protein, brown rice protein, chia seeds, flax seeds, and MCTs for healthy fats. Combining IK Complete with a healthy diet is a great way to achieve stellar results if you want to lose weight. Adding IK Cut will upgrade your results further.   

Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement Ingredients

Plant-based protein – Pea protein, soy protein
• MCT Oil 
• Brown rice
• Oat flour
• Golden flaxseed
• Vitamin & Mineral blend
• Chia seed

How to Take Instant Knockout Complete 

Fill a shaker with 500 ml of ice-cold water and add two scoops (100 grams) of Instant Knockout Complete powder. Shake thoroughly for ten seconds, then drink. You can take Instant Knockout Complete up to three times per day, and it is also possible to combine it with Instant Knockout Cut to increase your fat-burning results.  

• High in protein
• High in fibre
• Top quality ingredients
• High in vitamin D
• Combines amazingly with IK Cut fat burner 

• Only available from the IK website
• Only one flavour available 

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