Ageless Male Reviews 2023

Does Ageless Male Really Work?

A terribly underdosed supplement range Ageless Male gives testosterone boosters a bad name

Ageless Male is terribly dosed, bordering on the completely pointless, you'd be better off with a vitamin d, zinc and magnesium multivitamin that you can pick up for about $10 for a 3 months supply, rather than $35/month. That's not to say it won't work at all, zinc deficiency is pretty common in the USA (12%) [1] and it does cause low testosterone. So, with Ageless Male covering this base at least there's a good chance it'll do something for for 1 in 9 people. Which would definitely result in some positive ageless male reviews from customers, even if they didn't know they'd have been just as well off with a zinc pill for a lot less money.

Beyond that pretty much every decent testosterone boosting supplement contains zinc, and Ageless Male doesn't even contain the rest of the basic vitamins we'd expect to see in a supplement like this. Beyond that it's got some Fenugreek seed extract in it, but that's not enough to be in line with the clinical research [2]. For curiosities sake we actually got a quote to see how much it would cost to manufacture something to the same specification of ageless male, the answer was that the bottle cost more than the pill. Herbal compounds and vitamin supplementation can help improve testosterone levels. But, Ageless Male is not one that we'd recommend. They do have some products that are marginally better than their main line, but Ageless Male Max isn't exactly great, Advantage is a multivitamin (and a mediocre one at that) and the less said about the Ageless Male Pro T range the better.

The fact is, that good supplements in this category cost about $20 more than Ageless Male does, but that's quite simply because you typically get 4X the product in terms of dosage and ingredients. And unfortunately anything less than that isn't going to work. Most testosterone boosters are 4 capsule a day supplements, so Ageless Male serving just one should be a bit of a giveaway. Ageless Male seems designed as a range of supplements to trap those who want something for the least money possible and do the whole industry a disservice by selling them something that won't work. 

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Ageless Male Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about the ageless male testosterone booster

Does Ageless Male Work?

If you've got a zinc deficiency sure, however if your zinc levels are fine, then we doubt that the Ageless Male testosterone booster will do much of anything at all. (Supplementing zinc beyond the recommended dosage doesn't actually boost athletic performance, muscle mass growth or testosterone). Vitamin D can do this, but Ageless Male doesn't actually contain that. 

Is Ageless Male Safe?

This is not a good product, it's not in anyway dangerous, but taking ageless male is safe. It's just not effective. Save your money don't buy ageless male. 

Ageless Male Review Conclusion

We've got fake customer reviews of Ageless Male all over the place, an under dosed list of ingredients and a mid range price tag on a product that isn't even suitable as a budget testosterone booster. We can't recommend Ageless Male. Ageless Male Max falls foul of all the same issues, so we can't recommend that either. As it stands we'd say steer clear of the entire range and their deceptive marketing practices. 

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