Force Factor Probioslim Review

Probioslim: Another Fad Cash Grab From Force Factor

This probiotic supplements for weight loss trend needs to stop. Whilst a lot of commercial probioslim reviews would have you believe it's the best thing to hit fitness since spray on oil, it really is not. The reality is that the idea of mixing a weight loss pill that uses the actually backed ingredients (ie glucomannan, 5htp, caffeine etc) and a probiotic supplement seems great. The problem is that force factor's probioslim, like the rest of the players in this new fad, seems to have missed the point, and decided to include the cheapest and least effective ingredients from the weight loss pills that came before it. That's not to say probioslim wont work at all, it just like most similar probiotic supplement weight loss hybrids won't work nearly as well as simply taking a proper weight loss aid, and a separate probiotic. 

The positive news for probioslim is that its not the worst of these hybrids we've come across in terms of helping you lose weight. If it's probioslim v bio X4 then it wins in terms of weight loss, but only because it contains caffeine. However, if you're looking for a weight loss pill that can actually work, you want to look out for one of these 2 ingredients. 5htp which was formerly only for clinical use, has been proven to regulate dopamine in a way that stops you craving unhealthy foods, this has been proved at trial and even during brain scans. And glucomannan which swells to 50X it's size in your stomach, a 2g dosage is about the size of a large bagel. Caffeine does also help, but there are other ways to get it. This really is a case of you get what you pay for.

So, if we're comparing probioslim to an actual weight loss aid like hourglass fit then it doesn't even come close to achieving the same appetite suppression or thermogenic effects. To make matters worse it isn't even particularly good at being a probiotic supplement. If you take probioslim then it does won't even really hold up on any of it's promises of weight loss or even of a helping maintain a healthy digestive system. We'd recommend that you get a cheaper probiotic and something from our best weight loss pills list.

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Probioslim Review FAQ

The most common questions in probioslim reviews

Does Probioslim Have Caffeine?

Yes it does, although because probioslim is a propreitary blend we can't actually say how much. So we'd suggest you avoid probioslim if you're sensitive to caffeine's effects.

Is Probislim Safe?

The ingredients in probioslim should be safe and shouldn't cause any side effects for the vast majority of people. Some conditions do mean that you shouldn't take probiotic supplements in general, however aside from that or from a particular caffeine sensitivity then you shouldn't have any probioslim side effects.

Probioslim Review Conclusion

Don't waste your money. Like most of Force Factors products it's low quality fad chasing that only sells because it's in walmart. We cannot recommend probioslim products to anyone for any of it's claims. Honestly products like probioslim give the supplements industry a bad name. 

They won't help you lose weight. There are supplements that can actually help. But, they contain ingredients which actually work 5htp, glucomannan, caffeine, capsimax etc. We'd recommend that you have a look at our best weight loss aids list for something that should work a lot better than probioslim. 

Category Score
 Appetite 2/10
Cravings 1/10
Thermogenesis 1/10
Energy 4/10
Customer Reviews 2/10
Value 1/10
Overall 2/10