Best Weight Loss Pills

EASNA review the best weight loss supplements.

What Do We Look For In Weight Loss Pills?

Weight loss supplements work (or claim to work) in one of just a couple of ways, they either suppress appetite, raise thermogenesis (the amount of calories you burn), supress cravings or raise energy levels whilst you're in a caloric deficit (dieting). There are relatively few components that actually work and they tend to be repeated throughout all of the best weight loss supplements, with varying blends designed to focus on different elements. 

The most effective way to lose weight is through diet control. Hours of exercise can be undone in minutes with high calorie food, so appetite suppressants are always going to be the most effective weight loss supplement. The next most effective element is craving support followed by increasing energy levels, with thermogenesis coming in last. The reason for this is improved thermogenesis realistically tops out at adding about 100 calories to your maintenance calorie rates and improved energy levels help you keep what we call a consistent NEAT. NEAT or (None Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) refers to the amount of activity you do that burns calories that isn't for accounted for by exercise. Typically people who are dieting move less, whether they notice or not, and this can account for 3-400 calories burned per day.

The best ingredients for each of these categories are Glucomannan for appetite suppression (in some countries it's the only supplement advertisers can actually claim works) which swells to 50X it's size, 2 capsules add up to about the size of a bagel, this makes you feel less hungry, caffeine and vitamin complexes for energy and 5HTP for craving suppression, although there are some other methods for doing this successfully. Lastly is thermogenesis and that's where things start to get a little more complicated.

Weight Loss Supplements FAQ

Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Diet Pills

Are weight loss supplements regulated by the FDA?

Weight loss pills aren't regulated by the FDA, in Europe there are regulations on the claims that weight loss supplements can say, and you'll notice that a lot of the worst weight loss pills aren't available there. As a result a lot of the best weight loss pills are made by European companies that simply replicate their formulas in US factories. The ingredients in over the counter weight loss pills have to be approved by the FDA as safe for human consumption however. 

Are weight loss pills safe?

For the most part yes, with the exclusion of allergies and minor side effects, common side effects include nausea and headaches (usually from too much caffeine). Everything on our list has been marked as safe for consumption in both the US, EU and UK for weight loss purposes.

What are weight loss pills?

Weight loss pills are dietary supplements designed to support weight loss. The problem is that means a lot of things can call themselves weight loss supplements. 

Do fiber supplements help with weight loss?

Fiber supplements is quite a broad term, if we're talking about Glucomannan then yes, some supplements use less effective fiber supplements such as prickly pear and some are not effective at all. It really comes down to how much space they take up in your stomach and how long it takes to digest.

When to take weight loss pills?

Most of the best weight loss pills require you to take them several times a day, typically speaking anything that claims to be a miracle one pill a day, or night time fat burner is completely bogus.

Do green tea pills work for weight loss?

Negligibly, green tea extract does have some benefits, it can help with cravings and lipid binding (fat cells), but as a stand alone it's not going to do all too much, mixed with other ingredients however it can give a small extra boost. 

Our Top Weight Loss Supplements

Depending on if you want to avoid caffeine or not we tend to recommend either Instant Knockout Cut or Hunter Burn. If you're fine with caffeine then Instant Knockout cut is going to be the fastest acting as it will help you stick to your diet and keep moving help you lose weight fast. 

As for Hunter Burn, it is the most highly dosed of all weight loss pills for pretty much every other effective ingredient, making it them the second most effective weight loss pills. Other than that we do list a couple of specialised weight loss pills more angled towards thermogenesis and even one for people following a keto diet. But for the vast majority of people reading this Hunter or Instant Knockout will be the way to go.

Hunter Burn - Best Weight Loss Pill Overall

The Hunter range of supplements is one of the best supplements brands that we've come across, they do come at a slight premium, they're about $10 a bottle more than the next most expensive competitor on the list, although they usually have a bulk buy deal on which balances this out. Especially considering they're by far the highest dosed weight loss pills on the market right now so gram for gram of ingredients, they're actually pretty good value. They're heavily stacked in glucomannan, which as we've mentioned it the most effective over the counter appetite suppressant. Hunter Burn comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and 1000s of success stories.  

You can purchase it from

What Else Does Hunter Burn Do?

Hunter Burn also scores pretty highly on the thermogenic fat burner list, including high doses of capsimax, L-Theanine and an extract from white kidney beans along with a large dose of vitamin D and green tea extract. Capsimax (a cayenne pepper extract) and L-Theanine both stimulate the metabolism, with the pepper raising your body temperature and L-Theanine does this as well as raising overall energy. Vitamin D, (of which neatly half of US adults are deficient) increases energy levels, and athletic performance helping you work out harder and feel less tired. As for the tea extract and white kidney bean extracts, these both bind to starch cells so that you don't digest them in the first place.

Highly Dosed 
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Category Score
 Appetite 10/10
Cravings 9.5/10
Thermogenesis 9/10
Energy 9/10
Customer Reviews 10/10
Value 8/10
Overall 9.5/10

Best Weight Loss Pill Ingredients


Glucomannan is by far the best over the counter appetite suppressant and as a result makes an appearance in all of the most effective weight loss pills. It works by swelling up to 50X it's original size in the stomach and the standard dosage (2000mg) swells up to about the same size as a bagel. There are some prescription weight loss pills which use a similar ingredient that swells 100X the size, although it tends to be dosed around 1000mg meaning that there is functional no difference in how much they help you lose weight.


Whilst this doesn't make it into all of the contenders for the best weight loss supplement as it's relatively easy to substitute into your diet yourself, and if you're already a heavy coffee drinker, it may not be a good idea to add extra caffeine into the mix. However, caffeine has been proven to both suppress appetite and raise your NEAT (None Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), put simply this means how many calories you burn by moving normally through the day. NEAT tends to drop when you reduce your calorie intake, lowering the efficacy of dieting. This is where caffeine is particularly useful in a weight loss supplement.


5HTP was originally only available via a clinician, it's been shown under brain scans to actually lower our interest in unhealthy high fat and high sugar foods when compared to when people were shown said foods having taken the placebo. It help you lose weight by helping you eat healthier. This is particularly common in the best weight loss pills for women who tend to struggle more with cravings. There were even some suggestions that it shouldn't be used because it was too effective.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract has been used to help control body weight reasonably effectively for some time. It's not the best weight loss supplement available, it is generally what we consider to be a "B Tier" ingredient. It's effective, but shouldn't be the main ingredient in any weight loss pills. Green tea extract is a thermogenic fat burner, meaning that it does raise the amount of calories you burn at rest. The effect however is relatively modest weight loss, but it is still effective.

Coffee Beans

Most weight loss pills include coffee beans, some studies have shown that supplementation can cause significant weight loss, although most suggest it to be relatively modest. Again they're quite well backed at this point and make a good addition to your fat burning arsenal.


Capsimax comes from cayenne pepper, it's one of the most effective weight loss pill ingredients for thermogenesis aside from caffeine. Again thermogenic fat burners are typically the least effective element in weight loss pills, so it's a nice inclusion, but the focus should always be on appetite suppression and energy increase as these are the most effective factors in helping you lose weight. 


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