Protetox Reviews 2023

Is Protetox A Scam?

Protetox is not a good weight loss aid.

There's a lot of marketing hype around Protetox, but very little substance behind this weight loss aid. Half of the ingredients in Protetox have been debunked and the other half can't possibly be dosed high enough within a single capsule and are normally only included in supplements that require 4 pills a day to be effective. Protetox also misses out on a lot of more effective fat burning ingredients in favor of ones that simply sound more exotic.

We suspect that in the effort of trying to differentiate themselves from other diet pills they've done themselves a disservice. A few of the ingredients like Banaba have had some very early research suggest that they may have some benefit, but there have yet to be any notable trials, and we're looking at speculative cell data, not tested in real life and quite often ingredients that work well in these studies don't translate to real world clinical trials.

The fact is that a caffeine pill with some added cayenne pepper would likely be more effective than Protetox and it simply doesn't hold a candle to any of the best fat burners on the market right now.

We don't recommend Protetox, and generally we don't recommend fat burners that don't contain any of the many well backed ingredients that have been clinically trialled and proven over the last few decades. Protetox falls into this camp.

None really hype up their antioxidant qualities like Protetox, because that's not really something that largely effects weight loss. There's a bit of pseudoscience around it, which largely comes from the back of antioxidants reducing joint pain making it easier for obese people to exercise, but it's not directly related to losing fat, which ultimately can only be achieved by using more calories than you consume and Protetox doesn't really help with that.

Generally speaking we recommend Instant Knockout if you're looking for a good all round fat burner over Protetox. The most effective weight loss supplements generally focus on appetite suppression, keeping energy levels high whilst dieting and thermogenic effects (metabolism raising), not antioxidants.

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Protetox Review Conclusion

Protetox is another flash in the pan supplement with a hefty marketing budget, not one that has a great deal of scientific backing. Protetox seems to be a collection of random ingredients relying more on the placebo effect than any proven science. We'd recommend that if you're looking for a supplement that can help you lose weight and want to avoid caffeine then you look for something that contains glucomannan and 5htp, to suppress appetite and other energy boosting ingredients to help handle the subconscious dip in activity that happens when you diet.

Protetox doesn't do any of these things, instead it relies on poorly backed supplements. As a rule of thumb with supplements if it sounds to good to be true, it is. And with weight loss aids specifically, if it sounds very complicated and the manufacturers say it stops you creating fat, or talks a lot about detoxifying, then it's even more dubious.

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 Appetite 1/10
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Customer Reviews 3/10
Value 2/10
Overall 2/10


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