Neuro Gum Reviews 2023

Does Neuro Gum Work?

Neuro Gum is an interesting idea, we're not sure about the execution.

Neuro Gum claiming to be a nootropic is a bit of a stretch. Containing Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, L-Theanine and Caffeine sounds like the start of a nootropic, but it looks more like an energy drink than a nootropic. It's not even that the ingredients are particularly bad, it's just that really what we're looking at here is caffeine gum, and that's pretty much it. Is there are market for that, sure. After all there's a market for caffeine pills and some people will definitely prefer carrying gum around with them, it's just that the marketing is really overhyped.

Then when we consider the price point of $30 for 90 pieces of gum, it's quite overpriced when we compare it too a caffeine pill. If we're looking at it against a energy drinks then you do get better value for money and can avoid the excess calories.

If we compare it to dedicated focus supplements then there's a host of ingredients that can boost memory, brain function and health for the whole day that do sit around the same price point.

In short if you're looking for a nootropic, then there are much better options, if you want caffeine gum, then neuro gum it's fine albeit quite pricey. There's also the fact that you'd need 3 pieces of gum to add up to your average energy drink, meaning it lags way behind other alternatives. 

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Neuro Gum Review Conclusion

Nuero Gum is fine, it will pick you up and help you focus, but it's not really the nootropic it claims to be. It's a caffeine pill in gum form, which really means that there's no way to justify the price tag on Neuro Gum.

There are much better nootropic options available and there's a host of ingredients that can help you focus better through the day that don't just rely on natural caffeine as a pick me up.

Ultimately neuro gum is less effective than sugar free energy drinks due to it's lower caffeine and vitamin content and far less effective than a dedicated nootropic supplement. We can see a couple of use cases where it could be convenient to have them with you, but once again a regular caffeine pill wins out here. All in all whilst our Neuro Gum review isn't that it's a terrible product, it just isn't for us.

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Memory 2/10
Stress 2/10
Mood 2/10
Brain Health 2/10
Value 3/10
Overall 3/10