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Is Hunter Burn A Scam?

Hunter Burn Is One Of The Best Weight Loss Aids

Hunter Burn was one of our top rated weight loss aids, which we marked out as one of the best appetite suppressants on the market, which is no mean feat. The lead ingredient glucomannan is one of only a few that are cleared to be marketing as weight loss aids within most European countries, which gets it off to a good start. This works simply by expanding in the stomach by absorbing water and making you feel full. A dose from Hunter Burn swells up to about 1 and half bagels in size, so it’s pretty easy to understand how it works.

White Kidney bean inhibits carbohydrate digestion, and whilst a few products do contain it, hunter is the only one we've come across that actually has it in a high enough dose to work. Next up it contains a strong dose of L Theanine to help with cravings with macha having a similar effect.

The main way in which Hunter stands out against most of it’s competition however, is the high dosage. With the supplement being a 6 capsules a day dietary supplement you’re getting a lot more than you get from most similarly priced products. And for most of it’s ingredients to be effective, they have to be dosed in this volume.

Hunter Burn does also contain a decent amount of thermogenic ingredients, although, the star of the show is certainly the reduction of appetite.

As a result we do recommend Hunter Burn for anyone looking to help stick to their diet without resorting to more stimulant focused fat burners that often contain large amounts of caffeine. Or people who struggle with waking up hungry in the middle of the night as Hunter Burn won’t keep you up. 

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Hunter Burn Review Conclusion

Upon thoroughly examining Hunter Burn, it is clear that it has earned it’s spot on our best weight loss aids list. It’s very effective at suppressing appetite, and despite its premium price point offers good value for money based on the fact you simply get more in Hunter Burn than in most of the competition.   

Our own testers rated it highly, saying that it made them far less hungry when dieting. All in all Hunter Burn is a solid product and we would recommend giving it a go if you struggle with hunger pangs.

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Category Score
 Appetite 10/10
Cravings 9.5/10
Thermogenesis 9/10
Energy 9/10
Customer Reviews 10/10
Value 8/10
Overall 9.5/10


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