Modere Trim Review

Modern Trim Review: Do The Claims Hold Water?

Modern Trim is a liquid weight-loss product that is taken once per day. According to the marketing hype for Modere Trim, it's a combination of two leading technologies that result in a body transformation experience. However, this is pretty much complete and utter drivel.  Firstly, Modere Trim contains conjugated linoleic acid, an ingredient that has been quite well researched at this point and it has absolutely zero benefits towards weight loss.  Secondly, the formula contains Liquid Biocell – another product from Modere. On closer look, this is made from collagen-based protein, with again absolutely no relation to weigh loss what so ever. 

Most people take collagen supplements for the health benefits of strengthening hair, skin, nails and bones, but not really for weight loss. If you are looking for a product that actually aids weight loss then you probably want something that contains glucomannan or 5htp, which are really the only 2 over the counter options that have enough evidence backing them in terms of studies, and science that makes sense. 

Glucomannan expands to 50X its size in the stomach, making you feel full, and 5htp helps regulate dopamine, it was originally clinical use only. It's been tested even during brain scans to show that people are less enticed by sugary and high carb foods whilst on the supplement. 

As a result we tend to recommend hourglass fit which contains both of these ingredients that actually have scientific backing, unlike anything in modere trim. 

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Modere Trim Review FAQ

The most common questions about Modere Trim

Does Modere Trim Actually Work?

No, it doesn't. There is nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing in terms of evidence to support that modere trim does anything to aid fat metabolism, accelerate fat reduction or aid with weight loss in any way as they claim. It is not an effective weight loss supplement, and anyone that says otherwise is likely to have experienced the placebo effect or are trying to sell modere trim. Excluding dangerous supplements, modere trim weight loss supplements are probably the worst that we've come across so far. Don't waste your money.

Who is behind Modere Trim?

The manufacturer is a company called Modere, a well-established international multi-level marketing company with bases in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,  Japan, India, and Europe.


Modern manufactures its products in the USA in its own NSF GMP-certified facility. Their inventory includes Liquid BioCell® collagen, Modere CellProof skincare, Lean Body System, Modere Axis™ TreBiotic, and Modere M3.


This vast global operation isn't short of marketing cash or influence, so throwing your money at Modere Trim would be like creating a ripple in the ocean. If you would rather support a food supplement company where your money would make a difference, we can suggest much better options.

Modere Trim Side Effects

However, there are a few side effects connected to CLA that may cause issues, such as:

  • Backache

  • Fatigue

  • Nausea

  • Stomach upset

 Although at such a small dose contained in Modere Trim, this may not be an issue for most consumers.

Modere Trim Review Conclusion

When researching this product, we found that there predominantly terrible customer reviews. Some customers like it, and others don't. But we noticed that the more positive customer comments were about improvement in skin, hair and nail conditions rather than actually modere trim reviews for weight loss. 

We were left wondering if Modere Trim would be better marketed as a collagen supplement rather than an effective weight-loss product. If you are looking for an effective weight loss product, then we can suggest better options for you to choose than Modere Trim in our best weight loss aids list

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