Brainpill Reviews 2022

Is BrainPill Any Good? And Do We Recommend It?

Disappointing with a dangerous ingredient, avoid brainpill. 

Brainpill was a promising supplement, it get’s a lot right, but the things it gets wrong it gets really wrong, the main issue being the inclusion of Vinpocetine an ingredient which is likely to be pulled from the market after the FDA issued a warning about it in 2019 and began in investigation into the ingredients use. It’s already banned in Canada, Australia and New Zeeland. [1] 

Brainpill may well remove this ingredient, in which case we will update the review, but currently we can not recommend BrainPill, which would otherwise be a decent supplement.   

That said even if Brainpill didn’t have this issue, it’s price point puts it in the premium range. Which means there are still a couple of better options on the market at it’s price point with Hunter Focus and Quallia Mind being significantly better alternatives for overall nootropics and if you’re looking for something to help with a specific issue then we suggest that you check out our best nootropics list.     

In short do not buy brain pill. 

BrainPill Reviews FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about brainpill

How To Take Brainpill?

It is recommended to take two capsules per day, one taken in the morning and one in the afternoon. This is sensible advice as it helps to spread out the dose and maintains a healthy level of these nutrients throughout the working day.

Is Brainpill Vegan?  

Brainpill is not vegan friendly as the capsules are made from gelatin

Brainpill Side Effect

Due to the inclusion of Vinpocetine common side effects include:

anxiety, stomach discomfort, sleep problems, headache, dizziness, and flushing

Who Makes Brainpill?

BrainPill is manufactured by the Leading Edge Health company, based in the USA. They produce BrainPill in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and their company motto is "created by nature, proven by science."

The manufacturer claims that BrainPill will help boost your mood, memory and concentration levels and that their formulation contains 100% natural active ingredients.

Brainpill Review Conclusion

If we removed the Vinpocetine BrainPill isn't a bad product, it’s just not a great one either, it does hit all the essentials, like PS, citicoline etc. But, it misses out on a lot of other ingredients that we expect from the best nootropic supplements.  

It’s price point puts it up against the best premium nootropics and when we look at it like that BrainPill is something of a failure. If it was cheaper, and didn’t have the vinpocetine then it would be a solid product. 

However, as of this moment in time we do not recommend Brain Pill and say that you should actively avoid it. And stop taking it if you have currently purchased it. 

Best Nootropics List
Category Score
Focus 7/10
Memory 7/10
Stress 7/10
Mood 5/10
Brain Health 1/10
Value 4/10
Overall 6/10