Instant Knockout Reviews 2023

Instant Knockout Cut Is The Best High Stim Fat Burner

Instant Knockout Cut is one of our favorite fat burners. It’s one of the faster acting weight loss supplements on the market and does feature on our best weight loss supplements list.   The product was designed originally for MMA trainers and fighters to make sure they could lose weight in time for weigh ins ahead of fights. Which, is a pretty good endorsement.     

It’s core focus is on appetite suppression and energy boosting, although it does have a good volume of supporting ingredients. In terms of the former Instant Knockout Cut has a hefty dose of glucomannan which suppresses appetite and a host of energy boosting ingredients to make sure that you don’t lower your NEAT (none exercise activity thermogenesis, a fancy way of saying how many calories you burn through normal activity) whilst in a calorie deficit. This is important for two reasons, moving less means your body is more likely to consume muscle to fill that deficit, but it also means that your normal daily calorie usage goes down. Instant Knockout is designed specifically to combat that. Which is what makes it a good high stim fat burner.      

The vitamin blend is also a solid inclusion with Instant Knockout Cut also has an optimally high dose of vitamin D, and at 900% of the minimum daily intake, this may look a little high, but studies have shown that even more is safe and for most people the improvements to energy and athletic improvements actually continued to 5000mg[1]. We’re also fond of the B vitamin blend, which again is focused on energy, and of course there’s caffeine.   There’s a few other ingredients in here designed to support thermogenesis and energy boosting and there’s nothing that we’d say is a waste of time unlike a lot of the competitor options.   In general instant knockout is the best option for if you’re looking for a high stim fat burner. It’s great for people who are training and trying to cut weight a bit faster. It will still help without working out, but Instant Knockout really shines if you work with it. 

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Customers Instant Knockout Reviews

Instant Knockout fat burners also scored relatively high on customers instant knockout reviews, with the only real complaints being that it’s expensive or a few people being intolerant to caffeine or saying they adapted to the supplement, and it only really worked for a month or so. The top negative review being 2 stars from a person who was clearly experiencing caffeine side effects, although they did say the product worked initially. Instant Knockout also don’t seem to have flooded Amazon with fake reviews and these do seem to be legitimate buyers.

There’s also the fact that Instant Knockout Cut is used and endorsed by professional athletes, including MMA fighters and trainers such as Greg Jackson and Diego Sanchez. Although we always have to take that with a pinch of salt.

All that said, we’ve actually used instant knockout personally a few times, and it does work. But, like all supplements it does depend on what you’re expecting to get from it. And again if you don’t tolerate caffeine well it’s not for you and we’d suggest you pick a none stim option from our best weight loss aids page.  

Instant Knockout Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions in instant knockout reviews

How do you use instant knockout cut?   

The makers of Instant Knockout Cut, recommend taking four doses per day. For best results, take one capsule every three hours between the hours of 8am and 5pm. By doing this you continue to burn fat throughout the entire day and give your body ample time to absorb all the ingredients contained in a capsule before taking the next one.

Is Instant Knockout a good fat burner?  

Yes, Instance Knockout Cut is one of the best fat burners available. It is particularly suitable for athletes and gym-goers because it boosts energy as well as burns fat.

Is Instant Knockout good for weight loss?  

Since Instant Knockout Cut increases thermogenesis and suppresses appetite it will help you to lose weight. For best results, use it regularly and in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Is instant knockout FDA approved?  

Instant Knockout Cut is produced in FDA-approved facilities. This means the hygiene and production standards are assured by the FDA. In short, this means you can be sure that you’re getting what’s written on the label.

Can I take instant knockout while fasting?  

Yes. Instant Knockout Cut can aid your fast by increasing the rate at which your body burns calories while suppressing your appetite, which makes fasting easier.

How much does Instant Knockout Cut cost?  

A one-month supply of Instant Knockout Cut costs $65. It’s a little more expensive than other fat burners but we think it’s worth the money. If you buy a four-month supply you can enjoy a considerable discount as the price drops to a total of $195 (brought on a month by month basis the price would be $260).

Instant Knockout Reviews Conclusion

Instant Knockout is a good fat burner, it focuses on keeping energy levels high and appetite suppression, which ultimately is the most effective way to support weight loss. We rate it highly and do recommend it as an option especially for anyone with a pre existing exercise routine. 

If you’re looking to cut the last few stubborn pounds or strip fat a bit faster for an event that’s where instant knockout shines. It’s great to support weight loss, and will do a little by itself in suppressing appetite, all in all it’s a really good option.

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Category Score
 Appetite 9/10
Cravings 8/10
Thermogenesis 8/10
Energy 10/10
Customer Reviews 10/10
Value 9.5/10
Overall 9/10


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