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Is Kaged Mindset Any Good?

Kaged Mindset Is Cheap, But It’s Pretty Good

In the world of nootropics, where mental performance enhancement is the goal, Kaged Mindset has made a significant impact with its budget brand nootropic supplement. It’s choice to go with a powdered drinks format is unusual, with most nootropics coming in capsules. 

There’s both pros and cons to this approach from Kaged Mindset, but in general we quite like the product. 

Now, the first thing is, and it’s not something we normally have to review on nootropic supplements is the taste. It’s a little artificial, but it’s not bad. So, 7/10 for that. 

So, onto what we didn’t like about Kaged Mindset. It under doses two of the best ingredients phosphatidylserine and panax ginseng. Ok, they are quite expensive and Kaged aren’t making a premium product, but we’re talking 4 times lower than the effective dose for PS and half for ginseng. And that’s the bottom end. 

And seeing as a lot of the other ingredients are energy and workout based this was a bit of a let down. Especially, due to the fact that in making their formula a powder, they could’ve had a much easier time in getting all the ingredients in dosages that were effective, rather than having the issues that come with fitting things into a capsule. 

Whilst there are better nootropics, they do generally cost about 50% more. You do get more for your money in these, usually about a half a dozen more properly dosed ingredients, some more effective, but there isn’t really much better at the Kaged price point and it’s still got a lot in here that is going to have an effect. 

If you’re looking for budget, this is a good option. If you want to cover all the nootropic bases and have a little bit more to spend, there’s much better options. 

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Kaged Mindset Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Kaged Mindset is an OK nootropic supplement that delivers something pretty decent for it’s budget price tag, if a little underdosed. Both the caffeinated and non-caffeinated versions offer significant benefits, including long-lasting energy, heightened focus, and enhanced cognitive performance. 

The affordability of Kaged Mindset, especially when compared to competitors, makes it an attractive option for users seeking cognitive enhancement. 

Do to it being a budget option Kaged Mindset is sure to become a staple in many students nootropic regimens. If you’re looking for something a bit more premium and comprehensive then it’s not for you, but if you’re working within a budget, then it’s a good choice. 

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