Nootrum Review

What Is Nootrum?

We rated nootrum the best mushroom supplement

Nootrum Mushroom capsules are actually really good, this is the first time we’ve said this about a mushroom supplement. Most of the studies show that you need grams of the stuff and a single capsule only holds one gram meaning that most simply can’t handle the size that you need. Interestingly Nootrum has two viable options to solve this problem. 

The first is that Nootrum Powder simply bypasses that and does in fact offer you the dosages required for it’s various mushrooms to be effective, but even their capsules are actually good. 

That’s because they use standardized extracts. Where they isolate the relevant extracts and get rid of the rest making them 10 times more densely packed than the others we’ve reviewed. 

Their process for this is patented, that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t do something similar in the future, but as it stands this is the only company doing it to this standard and seeing as they publish their 3rd party certification, again this is all good. The extracts are a variety of terpenoids, phenolics, glucans, and lectins. Which is going to all get a bit complicated when we get to the ingredients section, but in short they’re good for immunity and brain function. 

With a lot of them having been shown to improve focus, memory and overall clarity. We did give them a go for 6 weeks and the 3 product testers we gave them to, who are used to testing nootropics did say they’re the only mushrooms that have really compared to other brain boosters that we’ve previously scored highly on EASNA. 

So in short, if you’re looking for a mushroom supplement, Nootrum is probably the way to go. 

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Nootrum Review Conclusion

Nootrum is good. If you're interested in trying a mushroom supplement this is the one to get. It very much ticks all the boxes we'd expect for immunity and mental energy. It's an effective nootropic, a good immunity booster and overall we can't find anything wrong with it. 

Nootrum is a little bit more expensive than some of the competitors, but not by a long way. So in short, we recommend Nootrum. 



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