Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Reviews

Is ​Green Vibrance Any Good? 

Green Vibrance Doesn't Contain Enough Nutrition

Green Vibrance powder is a green superfood produced by Vibrant Health. It includes more than 70 different ingredients, is vegan friendly and dairy, gluten, GMO, and soy free, and is designed to boost your nutrition, digestion, circulation, immunity, and overall health.Now while it can provide some of its stated benefits to a small degree, it seems to be simply trying to do too much. This can be easily demonstrated by the minimal levels of many of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the product contains.

Further evidence can then be seen in the ingredients. While it uses staples of the best greens powders and a few other useful components, they are all present in relatively small doses. The remainder of the formula is then padded out with filler ingredients that are of little to no use.

Green Vibrance does offer good variety, as it comes in a choice of original and chocolate coconut flavours, 15, 25, 30, 60, and 83 serving tubs of powder, and even a capsule option. Unfortunately, this appears to be the bulk of what you are paying the inflated price tag for.

Even the drinkability of Green Vibrance is debated. While some people enjoy the Green Vibrance taste and flavour, others claim it is "earthy", and there is a lot of negativity surrounding its texture (we thought it was OK). While some of its features will be appealing, Green Vibrance is not the only greens powder to offer them. You would therefore be much better off our top rated green powder Supergreen Tonik, which has these same features and a similar price, but is considerably more effective.

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Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Pros & Cons


  • Can be effective when taking Green Vibrance as a probiotic 
  • Comes in a range of different sizes 
  • Generally accepted to have a pleasant taste and flavour


  • Quite expensive 
  • Any effects are extremely minimal 
  • The doses of almost all of the beneficial ingredients are too small 
  • Contains a range of ineffective filler ingredients 
  • Has an unpleasant texture 
  • Some side effects have been reported

Green Vibrance Review Conclusion

Green Vibrance is a greens supplement that looks good on the surface, as it uses lots of organic ingredients, many of which are known to be of use. Unfortunately, everything good in the product is present in such a small dose that it might as well not be there.

The powder is then bulked up using ineffective ingredients to make it seem like better value. When examined just a little closer, it is clear that Green Vibrance won't provide the results it is offering and is certainly not worth its lofty price tag.

If you're looking to take advantage of the health benefits greens supplements can offer, you are much better off with a product like Supergreen Tonik. Priced similarly to Green Vibrance, this is a product that actually does what it says, making it a good value, effective option.

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Category Score
Taste 5/10
Health Benefits 4/10
Mixability 6/10
Ingredients 5/10
Customer Reviews 8/10
Value 5/10
Overall 5/10