Kirkland Triple Action Joint Health Reviews

Does ​​​​Kirkland Triple Action Joint Health Really Work? 

Kirkland Triple Action Joint Health has got some collagen, but that’s about it.

Kirkland Triple action should really be called double action and debunked. Hyaluronic acid most likely doesn’t work when ingested orally as shown by large scale studies, and even the studies that showed promise, used 630mg, not 3.3mg [1], and you don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to do the math on the 3.3mg in Kirkland Joint Health Triple Action being a lot less than 630mg. 

As for the type II collagen that’s a fine inclusion, but not the best ingredient it’s also at the very bottom of the viable dose at 40mg and then we have boron at 5mg, which whilst it does have a whole host of health benefits, it’s better dosed at 10mg, and its impact on joint health is mild to mediocre at best. [2] 

All in all, there are way better joint supplements available than the measly doses in Kirkland Joint Health. Yes, it’s cheap, but with only about 50mg of relatively cheap ingredients even if the better supplements do cost twice as much, they tend to contain a daily dose of around 2-4000mg of active ingredients. 

Even if you took half a dose of FlexAgain, which would make it the same price, you’d get 40X the active ingredients. It’s likely that anyone reporting positive effects from Kirkland’s joint supplement it’s down to the placebo effect rather than the negligible doses included.  

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Kirkland Joint Health Review Conclusion

When we compare Kirkland Triple Action against the competition it really doesn’t hold up, the formula is dated and comes from a time when supplements could get away with pretty much selling placebo’s with little to no benefit on joint health. Fortunately there are a lot of better options out there with doses that are in line with the clinical studies. And if you are sold on a collagen supplement you should still just go for a cheaper option, you may as well just go for a budget type II supplement for about $10 rather than spending $30 on Kirkland. 

We generally recommend FlexAgain as a catch all as it covers the most effective supplements for joint health and joint pain relief.  

Category Score
Ingredients 3/10
Joint Health 4/10
Pain Relief 3/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Other Benefits 3/10
Value 3/10
Overall 4/10


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