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Is Cosamin ASU Legit?

Cosamin ASU has a good dose of glucosamine, but the proprietary blend is pointless.

Cosamin joint health supplements in all their versions suffer from the same problem, the proprietary blends don't actually contain anything that is going to help your joints. Even the ingredients that do have some benefits aren't contained in high enough doses to do anything. That doesn't mean that Cosamin ASU won't work as a joint health supplement at all, after all glucosamine HCL has been shown to be effective at improving joint pain. Although it should be noted that it does only really work to reduce joint pain and doesn't particularly support joint health as effectively as a lot of other supplements on the market.

The addition of chondroitin has been shown to potentially amplify the impact of the glucosamine in Cosamin ASU, but it's not much use as a standalone ingredient, but glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are often paired up and this is fine.

The catch is of course the ASU blend which contains avocado, soy, boswellia serrata extract and green tea. Whilst there is value in the inclusion of boswellia serrata this is the only ingredient in here that's going to do anything, and that's assuming it's in the right dosage. Which in fairness, there is at least enough space in the 400mg blend for this to be the case.

So, ultimately we have a $40 supplement which contains 3 ingredients that you can find in cheaper offerings. Or for $5 a month more you can get FlexAgain, which contains these ingredients in their correct doses as well as omega 3, vitamin d & k, bromelain, resveratrol, MSM, curcumin and ginger extract all in their clinically studied effective doses to improve joint mobility, health and pain.

All in Cosamin ASU will produce some results, it just doesn't stack up against better or cheaper options.

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Cosamin ASU Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across whilst researching Cosamin ASU.

What About Cosamin DS?

Cosamin DS is actually a quite a bit worse than Cosamin ASU, it's functionally the same ingredients minus the boswellia and with 6% of your daily vitamin c and 45% of you manganese requirements instead. We're not sure what Cosamin think, 6% of your Vit C dose is going to do, but it isn't very much. 

Is Cosamin ASU Safe?

Cosamin ASU should be safe for most people, however, glucosamine is often derived from shellfish so it's worth checking for allegens. 

Other than that there are are minimal likely side effects aside from mild nausea. 

Cosamin ASU Review Conclusion

All in all Cosamin ASU is overpriced for what it is, the fact is that it will help joint pain for a lot of people, but it's definitely not one of the best joint supplements on the market today. Cosamin ASU may have been a better supplement before the formula change, but even then it was using ingredients that are far less well backed than those available. Functionally there's 3 ingredients in this that should have an impact, but these appear in other better supplements at a comparable price point. We'd recommend that you get FlexAgain instead if you're looking for an overall joint health supplement that represents value for money.

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Category Score
Ingredients 3/10
Joint Health 3/10
Pain Relief 6/10
Customer Satisfaction 4/10
Other Benefits 3/10
Value 3/10
Overall 3/10