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Does TestoGen Work?

Testogen is one of the better natural testosterone booster supplements on the market right now, it just doesn't quite come out on top.

Testogen starts off it's formula covering off the basics with a decent vitamin blend, we generally expect any good testosterone booster to do this. There are a few very common deficiencies which can cause low testosterone levels, most notably zinc (which even a small deficiency can tank testosterone levels) and vitamin d deficiency which can effect almost 80% of the US population, in the winter months and around 50% the year round. 

Beyond tackling these issues Testogen goes on to include a blend of herbal extracts and D Aspartic Acid and some lesser known minerals which have all been shown to raise testosterone levels in various clinical trials. 

The question with Testogen isn't so much whether or not they've got the right ingredients, it's whether or not they're in the optimal levels when compared against the competition. And honestly Testogen doesn't do a bad job at all.
Customers reviews of Testogen are generally pretty positive, and our experience in trialling the testosterone booster was positive. 

We did experience an uplift in gym performance in both reps and weight although the real benefit seemed to be in increased recovery speed. In contrast the jump wasn't as large as the first time we added creatine to our diets, but it wasn't far off, so it does definitely work. As for the other claims of testosterone boosters, we did have to dip into some verified customer reviews of testogen and some older friends that we got to give the product a go for this review. In general the response was again pretty good. No serious complaints, although there are better options for testosterone boosters focused on libido. 

The short version is, Testogen is pretty good, and if you are looking for a testosterone booster you could do a lot worse. The only negative we've really got is that depending on what effects you're after there could be a better testosterone booster out there, but Testogen is a good option for a gym focused booster for men looking to pack on a bit more lean muscle mass.  

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The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Testogen

Does TestoGen Work?

Testogen does have a pretty good chance of working as a testosterone booster, it's got quite a few proven ingredients and is pretty solid on it's scientific backing as testosterone supplements go. It's very much focused on building lean muscle mass over being an all around testosterone booster, so if you're looking for an all round supplement or something more focused on libido there are better test boosters available.

Is TestoGen Safe?

Testogen should be safe. The most notable issue you're likely to find with testogen is mild nausea.

Testogen Review Conclusion

Testogen is good, we're not overly fond of the drops, although the pills are pretty good. 

But, if you're looking for something to boost testosterone levels so you can train harder at the gym, shed a few pounds and have hit a plateau, then Testogen is great for helping you push past that. Certainly a better option to try before alternative methods of supplementing your testosterone production. Testogen isn't a treatment for a serious testosterone deficiency, but if you're looking to give yourself an edge in day to day life and are otherwise healthy, or at least not on the clinical side of low, it's great. 

We like Testogen and we'd give it 8.5/10 based on good ingredients, minimal negative testogen reviews and a good personal experience with the supplements. 

Generally it's best to buy Testogen from their site, as they tend to have bulk buy deals which make it a much better value proposition than what you get elsewhere.  

Category Score
Stregnth 10/10
Mood 8/10
Libido 8/10
Ingredients 9/10
Customer Reviews 9/10
Value 9/10
Overall 8.5/10