Omega XL Review

Is Omega XL Any Good? And Do We Recommend It?

Is there anything special about Omega XL?

Omega XL looks pretty expensive right off the bat, especially for an omega oil supplement, which is something that you can get for around $10 for a months supply, meaning that it's really going to have to go the extra mile to justify it's $40 price tag.

There isn't really any doubt as to whether or not omega oils are good for your health, after all they've been shown to help joint pain [1], maintain brain health [2] and are pretty much essential for the human body and most of us don't get enough of them. With 68% [3] of adults being deficient and even more children. So, there's really little doubt as to whether or not Omega XL is going to be good for you. So, does omega xl work? Depending on what you're buying it for probably. It's quite hard to go wrong with omega oil extract. Does it do anything special to warrant it's $40 price tag. No, not really.

Some of the competitor products like relief factor add additional ingredients to they're omega supplements, like resveratrol, which also seems to promote both brain health and has joint health benefits, but omega XL doesn't do this, it's just an omega pill. And to make matters worse, it doesn't actually tell you to take the amount that's actually recommended for reducing joint pain, which is what they mostly market themselves for.

As a result we don't recommend Omega XL. We generally recommend that most people are best off buying a store brand omega supplement, or an actually comprehensive option like FlexAgain (which contains 10 more backed joint pain relieving ingredients, including a correct dose of omega for) to get the best value. 

Or a store brand omega supplement and a good brain supplement if they're more interested in that. It will probably cost about $10 more, but you'll get far more omega oils and everything else you need to maximise your health benefits.

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Omega XL Reviews FAQ

The most asked questions we found researching reviews of omega xl

Is Omega XL FDA Approved?

Omega XL is not required to have FDA approval as all the ingredients it contains have been deemed fit for human consumption.

However, as of 2021 the FDA did issue warning letters to Omega XL with the product having been deemed to be making medical claims beyond it's scope in advertising. They were given 15 days to comply and it seems that they have done so. However, it doesn't bode well for the overall scope of OmegaXL and their business practices.

Where To Buy Omega XL?

You can buy omega xl from amazon, or from walgreens.

Is Omega XL Good For Arthritis Pain?

Omega oils have been demonstrated to be beneficial for arthritis pain relief, however, the dosage is much higher than the recommended dosage in Omega XL, as such we wouldn't say it is designed for arthritis. You would have to take 4 omega xl pills a day which would be very expensive.

What Are The Side Effects Of Omega XL?

Omega oil itself shouldn't really have any side effects, aside from the odd one or two customers Omega xl reviews mentioning "fishy burps" which isn't something that's too uncommon with fish oil extract in general there shouldn't be anything serious. Taking too much fish oil supplements can obviously have negative side effects. But, in general the worst thing should be an upset stomach if for some reason you're intolerant. The only thing we should mention is that people with blood conditions should be aware of omega 3's blood thinning effect and see a physician before taking omega xl. 

Omega XL Reviews Conclusion

Omega XL is very overpriced for what it is, we honestly can't recommend it as an omega oil supplement, and especially not as a supplement to support joint health. The Omega XL supplement is ironically under dosed considering it's name and doesn't have any of the ingredients we'd expect to see in better joint health supplements.

If you're looking to maximize supplements for alleviating joint pain your best option is to get a store brand omega supplement or a supplement blend that's designed to support overall joint health, these usually contain things like resveratrol and turmeric extract, both of which are well documented to aid with joint pain, although these aren't the only ingredients recommended. Typically we recommend FlexAgain for this.

Category Score
Ingredients 5/10
Joint Health 7/10
Pain Relief 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 3/10
Other Benefits 6/10
Value 1/10
Overall 4/10


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