Neuriva Plus Reviews

Is Neuriva Any Good? And Do We Recommend It?

Neuriva Plus Is Mediocre At Best...

Neuriva Plus is a mediocre product at best, it contains 2 ingredients that we expect to see in a half decent nootropic, but then proceeds to put a premium price tag on itself. If Neuriva was $20 a bottle not $68 then it may be passable. However, when we compare it other products in its price bracket, then Neuriva plus doesn’t even come close.  

Phosphatidylserine is actually a good ingredient, it’s been proven to help protect cells [1] in your brain and is responsible for carrying messages between them. It’s even being trialed in the treatment of numerous degenerative issues for brain health [2]. But, it’s really the star of the show and considering it makes an appearance in pretty much everything on our best nootropics list, for a far cheaper price point, we can’t recommend Neuriva Plus.   

It’s also the only ingredient in Neuriva that really belongs in a nootropic supplement. As such Neuriva plus misses out on the most well backed nootropics of Citicoline, which is the most effective none stimulant for boosting focus and memory [3], not to mention any mood booster or focus booster.   

In short Neuriva is incredibly overpriced for something that contains only a single active ingredient which can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. 

If you're looking for something around Neuriva's price point that actually is good value, then we recommend Hunter Focus.

Neuriva Plus Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about Neuriva Plus

Is Neuriva Plus Safe?

Some issues reported in customers reviews of Neuriva are lack of focus at the beginning, nightmares, acid reflux problems, and even vomiting. Phosphatidylserine the main ingredient is relatively well tolerated however, so these Neuriva side effects should be relatively rare unless too much is taken, in doses over 300mg these issues can occur. As for B vitamins these shouldn’t cause any issues, except in excessive doses and the same can be said for coffee cherry and coffee bean extract.

Is Neuriva FDA Approved?

In a manner of speaking yes and also no. Neuriva is produced in facilities which meet FDA guidelines, but as an over the counter supplement it is not actually required to be approved by the FDA.

Neuriva Plus Review Conclusion

Neuriva plus misses out on some of the better nootropic ingredients such as Citicoline, Bacopa and a host of other better ingredients for some cheap fillers. It get’s the PS right, but that’s about the only positive we can say about Neuriva Plus. Neuriva Plus doesn’t stack up to much, sure phosphatidylserine is a decent nootropic ingredient, but at $68, we expect more than one decent ingredient. Neuriva doesn’t hold a candle to any of the best nootropics on the market.  

We’d recommend that if you’re looking for a complete nootropic supplement that aids concentration, focus and promotes overall brain health then you look at hunter focus, it’s about the same price and contains far more effective ingredients than Neuriva Plus.

Best Nootropics List
Category Score
Focus 2/10
Memory 2/10
Stress 2/10
Mood 2/10
Brain Health 3/10
Value 1/10
Overall 2/10


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