Amazing Grass Greens Blend Reviews

There's A Lot Of Variety In Amazing Grass

Greens powders are fast establishing themselves as one of the most popular types of dietary supplement on the market. Designed to replace leafy greens in your diet, they claim to provide all the nutrients and health benefits of greens, so their popularity should come as no surprise. As a result, countless supplement companies have begun producing their own greens powder products of all different kinds. One such company is Amazing Grass, who make a range of greens powder products on a family farm under the Amazing Grass Greens Blend banner.The question is, are their products any good? 

Well, that is just what we hope to find out in our Amazing Grass review, as we analyse each product in the Amazing Grass Greens Blend range and see how they stack up against the top greens powder supplements.

The Amazing Grass Green Blends 

The Amazing Grass Green Superfood is the flagship product of the Amazing Grass brand. The popular blend thoughtfully combines a Green Food Blend, Antioxidant Blend, EFA Fiber Blend, and a Digestive Enzyme & Active Culture Pre/Probiotic Blend.

The Green Food Blend has organic wheatgrass, organic barley grass, organic alfalfa grass, organic spinach, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, and organic broccoli (1).

The Antioxidant Blend features organic beet root, organic rose hips, organic pineapple, organic carrot, acerola cherry extract, organic acai berry, green tea leaf extract, raspberry, and organic maca root, while the EFA Fiber Blend boasts organic flax seed and apple pectin.

Finally, the Digestive Enzyme & Active Culture Pre/Probiotic Blend contains lactobacillus acidophilus, and the digestive enzymes FOS, amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, and cellulase. 

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review

The Amazing Grass Greens Blend is the backbone for all of the other blends, the rest are largely based on lower doses of this with some additional ingredients added in. Unfortunately that's pretty much where everything goes wrong. The ingredients themselves aren't terrible, but the nutritional value is lacking entirely, with almost not micronutrient content it loses out to every single greens powder on our best list. And catastrophically so, with Amazing only covering single digit percentages of most micronutrients as compared to the best which cover almost 100% of your daily needs amazing grass isn't any good as a catch all to make sure you're covered throughout the day.

Beyond that, it tastes OK and it's cheap, but it's not the all in one supplement that people look for in green powders. If you're solely looking for the benefits that you'd get from grass then it's OK, but that's not really worth even it's modest price point when you can get so much more from it's competitors for $10 more. 

Best Greens Powders

Amazing Grass Superfood Ingredients

The diverse range of ingredients in the Amazing Grass Green blend allows it to offer a range of benefits, including boosting digestive health and functions, preventing illness, and keeping you fit and healthy.Unfortunately, while this list of ingredients is good, everything being lumped together in proprietary blends masks the dosage of each ingredient. Now, while this doesn't necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the formula, it is a bit of a red flag. 

This means you can't see the dose of each ingredient, so won't know exactly what benefits to expect, where each ingredient weight is clearly stated. Some companies will also use these blends to cover up an ineffective product. 

That said, Amazing grass green superfood does list it's grasses as it's largest dosed products, and whilst alfalfa and barley grass and wheat grass are good ingredients for their nutritional benefits and being rich in antioxidants, spirulina is generally the king of greens blend ingredients, and we prefer to see it dosed at at least 2 grams. It is more likely that with it being the 5th largest ingredient in the amazing grass green blend (which totals 5.7grams), that it's probably more around 1 gram at best. With the cheaper grasses still being good, alfalfa is the better of the 3 main ingredients, having been shown to aid with blood sugar management and even menopausal symptoms beyond the standard nutrients and aforementioned antioxidants. So they are good ingredients if you're not already getting enough greens in your diet, but if we compare the benefits of these 3 to spirulina which boasts all of the above benefits, plus immune support, digestive health benefits and more nutritional value it's no contest.

The one area that the quantities are clearly listed on (because they have to be) is the vitamins and minerals. And it's a pretty poor showing here as well, coming in well below the main competitors AG1 and SuperGreen Tonik, which both cover off 100% of a dozen vitamins, whereas amazing grass manages very little, only 58% vitamin K and 18% of your vitamin C requirements with everything else coming in below 10%. As a result Amazing Grass fails at one of the main uses for a greens powder, covering your nutritional bases. It tries to get away with this by being cheaper than the competition at $50 a tub, but it isn't that much cheaper. When you could get better coverage half doses of products only $10 more we can't really recommend Amazing Grass for it's nutritional value.

How Does Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood Taste

Amazing Grass in a choice of original, berry, and chocolate flavours, although there have been complaints about both the taste and texture of all three options we geenrally think the berry is alright, there are much better tasting greens powders available though.

Amazing Grass Greens Blend Superfood Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of amazing grass are generally not bad, as we've mentioned there are a few complaints about the flavor, but generally they're 4* and up. The thing with greens powders is though, that they're kind of hard to do terribly. So, for most people if it's your first time trying one you're going to see some nutritional benefit. Amazing Grass is quite often the first product that people try (usually this or AG1) meaning this number could be a little inflated. 


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