DBal Max Reviews 2023

Does D-Bal Max Really Work?

Annoyingly D Bal Max Updated Their Formula Mid Writing This Review

Our D Bal Max review was going to be rather negative, in fact the first line was "D Bal Max is another lacklustre supplement that is part of a trend of naming natural supplements after chemical compounds with much stronger effects, but also that aren't typically legal. And like most of the supplements that follow this old fashioned marketing trend, it barely does anything." That said this version is much better than it was before. It sort of tries to straddle a weird line between a testosterone booster and a pre workout. At least that's what we assume the heavy dose of caffeine is there for and the fact that it's marketed as being able to give you an energy hit within an hour of taking it. 

The testosterone boosting effects of D Bal Max won't kick in nearly that quickly. We still wouldn't recommend it against one of the best testosterone boosters if you're looking for that, Two of it's major failings are the low dose of ginseng (laughably low to the point where they should've just not included it) and underdosing magnesium. Other than that there's nothing wrong with the ingredients list persay, there's just better options out there at this price point.

D Bal Max version 2 isn't a disaster of a supplement and it does have some decent benefits and ingredients. It’s just not the best, the problem is that a few ingredients don’t work particularly well and a lot aren’t dosed effectively, meaning you would be better off sticking to a dedicated test booster and a pre workout rather than combining the two. 

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D Bal Max Review Conclusion

In conclusion, D-Bal Max is an "sort of effective" testosterone boosting and weight loss supplement that has been developed to provide users with the same potential benefits as synthetic alternatives without their side effects. It claims to achieve this by increasing muscle protein synthesis, reducing serotonin levels, and boosting testosterone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) levels. Though D Bal Max is made from a combination of natural ingredients that have been proven to provide results when used correctly, its far from being the number one choice for readers looking for a safe and effective alternative to anabolic supplements to boost muscle growth and gaining strength. The problem with this supplement, besides its deceptive marketing, that it feels like the producer couldn't decide whether to brand it as a weight loss supplement a pre workout or testosterone booster. As is almost always the case you’d be better off buying a dedicated test booster, we typically recommend TestoFuel as the best on the market right now for building muscle.  

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Category Score
Stregnth 7/10
Mood 5/10
Libido 4/10
Ingredients 6/10
Customer Reviews ?/10
Value 4/10
Overall 5/10