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Is Neuroq Any Good? And Do We Recommend It?

Neuroq Review: It's Not Quite Good Enough

Neuroq isn't the best and it's not the worst nootropic supplement that we've come across. If it was cheaper it would be a good middle of the road supplement, the problem is that Neuroq comes in at the same price as much more comprehensive nootropics and misses out on a couple of the best ingredients, most notably citicoline, which we expect to have in general memory boosting nootropic supplements due to it being one of the most effective memory boosting compounds [1]. It does get a fair bit right however, and as 2 capsule a day supplements go it isn't that bad, aside from on it's overall value proposition at $55. 

Customers Neuroq reviews are relatively middling. Which is to be expected, anyone completely new to nootropics will likely see some improved brain function due to the phosphatidylserine and as a result some are positive, but people who are more used to nootropics won't likely find much to like in Neuroq.

We can't recommend it against anything that's on our best nootropics list, with the very best competitors coming in around this price point. For example, you'd get 3 times the product from Hunter Focus for just $5 more. Perhaps it is a little unfair to compare the two as the latter is the most comprehensive nootropic on the market.

But, even if we compare it to the more stripped down Neuroq competitors like Performance Labs Mind which has similar nootropic ingredients, but less caffeine which is replaced with the citicoline we mentioned.In short, Neuroq relies a little to heavily on phosphatidylserine to do the heavy lifting, is a bit overpriced, but should help with cognitive function. 

Neuroq Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about Neuroq

Does Neuroq Prevent Cognitive Decline?

It can, once again it's largely reliant on phosphatidylserine for this effect [3]. That said it is reasonably effective for this. So in terms of protecting against cognitive decline there is definitely a decent argument. As for the rest of the ingredients the Ginkgo leaf extract could also be useful for this.


Is Neuroq Safe?

In theory neuroq is safe, it's produced in line with the FDA's supplements guidelines and there's nothing in it that should cause any particular issue. However there may be some Neuroq side effects. The main side effects from phosphatidylserine tend to only come in dosages over 300mg, however, it still can cause insomnia and stomach upset. We'd also suggest that anyone sensitive to caffeine should avoid Neuroq and probably look towards a supplement more like performance lab mind, which does not contain caffeine. 

Neuroq Review Conclusion

Neuroq is alright, it's just overpriced. It misses out on Citicoline, which is something of an issue in memory and focused boosting supplements. As a result we'd typically recommend that people look at Hunter Focus as a more comprehensive alternative, although it's about $10 a bottle more, but it does have almost 3 times the content. 

As for anyone who is sensitive to caffeine, the high caffeine content means that it won't be for everyone and those who are overly sensitive may want to look at something like Performance Lab Mind instead. 

Neuroq is fine, and if you've already bought it, then it should be helpful to your overall brain health and cognitive performance, but it's not the best for preventing cognitive decline or mental health. In fact, that's kind of the issue with Neuroq, it's OK, it's just not the best at anything.

Best Nootropics List
Category Score
Focus 6/10
Memory 6/10
Stress 2/10
Mood 3/10
Brain Health 7/10
Value 3/10
Overall 5/10


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