Lipo 6 Black Review

Lipo 6 is confusing for customers...

Lipo 6 black claims to be their best supplement yet, but unfortunately it makes a lot of claims about weight loss, and in this regard it's functionally little more than an overpriced caffeine pill, sure Lipo 6 will help with weight loss, but not any more than something you can pick up for $5. There's a lot of variations of lipo 6 black, hardcore, black ultra, black ultra concentrate and it get's quite confusing for customers. And to make matters worse they've also changed the formula of each of these several times with different retailers still selling the same version of the supplement but with different ingredients listings.

Most of the lipo 6 range is under dosed or uses relatively poor and in some cases dangerous ingredients.

Lipo 6 black ultra is mostly a nootropic, (a brain booster), that for some reason tries to promote itself as a weight loss product leading it to be a relatively confused supplement, in trying to do two things at once it does neither particularly well. Like many hybrid supplements, you'd be better off taking something that's designed to do one thing properly, rather than something that does two things poorly.

It contains focus boosting ingredients banned in several countries for negative effects, little in the way of weight loss aids that actually work.

It's really nothing special and unfortunately that means we can't recommend it at it's price point. We don't recommend Lipo 6, you're better off getting a nootropic or a fat burner instead.

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Lipo 6 Review FAQ

Everything Else You Wanted To Know About Lipo 6 Black

Is Lipo 6 Black Safe?

Lipo 6 black ultra has a fair amount of caffeine in, which can cause a few side effects, but nothing to serious. The issues come for people who are intolerant of bacopa or from vinpocetine which is a man made synthetic drug that is actually banned in New Zealand, Australia and Canada due to it's potential risks [1]. The supplement itself is again a brain boosting ingredient which doesn't really belong in a weight loss aid anyway.

Lipo 6 Black Review Conclusion

Lipo 6 isn't really a great fat burner, even in the best variations we could find. Some versions have got quite a few health risks for a supplement of it's type and there are a lot better products on the market which include several effective appetite suppressants which don't carry the risks of Lipo 6. Best to pick something else.

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