Prevagen Reviews : Warning Before You Buy

We have no idea how this supplement is still on the market.

What Is Prevagen?

Prevagen is perhaps one of the biggest shams on the supplement market. The FDA has gone after them for false advertising [1], they've been sued for their lack of evidence [2] and their self funded study wasn't even a fraction as effective as they claimed if you actually look at the full results. [3] 

The worst thing about this, is that there are numerous effective ways to actually boost your cognitive function. Just Prevagen isn't one of them, at least it wont work any better than a vitamin D pill, which is the main ingredient of the pill. 

Prevagen does include one more ingredient, Apoaequorin, this is the root of all the controversy as it's functionally snake oil. Prevagen is so bad in terms of it's false claims, it could well be the reason for further regulation into the supplement industry. 

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Customers Prevagen Reviews

As you'd probably expect the customer review of Prevagen aren't exactly positive. With most people saying it had little effect and those that did report it having any positive results were probably vitamin d deficient. The reality is that most Americans would benefit from supplementing vitamin d especially in winter with almost half of the population being deficient. [4] As a result some people will have actually seen statistically significant improvement in their overall brain health. As vitamin D at least is proven to improve brain function. [5] The key difference is a bottle of vitamin d pills will set you back a couple of dollars not 30-40.

Does Prevagen Cause Stroke?

The FDA claims that Prevagen can cause stroke, seizures and causes worsening symptoms of multiple sclerosis as well as chest pains, tremors, and perhaps worst considering it's sold intent, memory impairment and confusion.

Prevagen Review Conclusion

Prevagen made a lot of wildly deceptive claims, and is nothing short of a predatory company. There are some nootropic supplements that can help with brain health, but companies like Prevagen only serve to give the entire supplements industry a bad name. The fact that major retailers still stock it, is rediculous. Not only does it not work, but there's a good chance that it's dangerous. It's rare that we have to say this, but you'd be better off taking nothing than taking Prevagen. Usually supplements usually just overpromise, few are actually dangerous.

We have spent a lot of time reviewing supplements that provide reliable evidence and don't make false claims. If you're looking for a dietary supplement to support healthy brain function, then we recommend having a look at our list of best nootropic supplements

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