Vidaslim Reviews 2023 - Warning

Vidaslim Is Useless: Avoid

Vidaslim reviews are somehow positive, we suspect that these are paid for, Vidaslim is functionally a vitamin pill, with a diathetic, there's nothing in here that can help you lose weight for the long term. The ingredient in question, tejocote root doesn't have any actual backing as weight loss aid and it also seems to be pretty dangerous. There's no clinical studies that we could find that suggest it's an effective weight loss supplement, but a lot of recorded medical incidents that show it to be dangerous [1] [2] [3] with reports of cardiotoxicity and liver issues. Something that isn't mentioned in a lot of vidaslim reviews. Not something that you want form a weight loss supplement. Vidaslim weight loss pills are pretty much useless, the ingredients in their drinkable version are a little better, but they still contain the tejocote root extract that is cause for concern and not something we'd recommend to help you lose weight safely. The one bright side is that Vidaslim's dosages are so low, that in theory it shouldn't do anything at all. Although we really shouldn't be too surprised seeing as vidaslim will try and sell anything from waist trainers through to incredibly overpriced low quality nootropics.

That doesn't mean that there are no safe over the counter weight loss supplements available that actually work, ingredients like glucomannan and 5 htp, are well tested for appetite control, which is the thing that vidaslim claims to help with. We'd recommend checking out our list of effective weight loss supplements.

Best Weight Loss Supplements

Is there anything redeeming about vidaslim?

Honestly, no, the vitamin blend we suppose is ok, but again it's not going to help you lose weight. It may possibly have some benefit as a placebo, but that's about it. This isn't a supplement that's going to help your weight loss journey.

Customer reviews of Vidaslim

It's almost impossible to find customer reviews for vidaslim and due to the safety concerns only one member of the EASNA team was willing to take them, to which it resulted in notable stomach upset. We could however find customer reviews of plain tejocote root extract supplements and they were not good, reports of people ending up in the ER amongst other issues. We can not stress this enough, don't use vidaslim.

Vidaslim Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we found when researching vidaslim reviews

Is Vidaslim FDA Approved?

No, natural ingredients do not require FDA approval, a lot of supplements claim to be "FDA approved" when they are not. Other Tejocote root supplements are quite guilty of this sort of marketing. There are guidelines in place, but this is not the same as FDA approval.

How Much Does Vidaslim Cost?

It's $35 for a months, supply, and that's $35 that could be better spent on pretty much anything else. 

Where Can I Buy Vidaslim?

You can order Vidaslim from their website, but we don't recommend that you do.

Is Vidaslim Worth It?

No, Vidaslim is not worth it, there are a lot of over the counter weight loss supplements that will actually have some effect at their price point and some far better ones for about $10 more per month. 

Vidaslim Review Conclusion

We can't recommend Vidaslim pills to anyone, at best they'll do nothing to help you lose weight and at worst they'll give you a lot of nasty side effects. There are a lot of effective weight loss supplements that you can get over the counter. And Vidaslim is not one of them. There are plenty at their price point that are decent and some that are surprisingly effective at the $50/month price point.

Don't buy vidaslim, and if you are looking for an effective and most importantly safe weight loss aid we recommend you take a look at our safe weight loss supplements list. 

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Thermogenesis 1/10
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Customer Reviews 1/10
Value 1/10
Overall 0/10


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