EVL Nutrition LeanMode Review

Is ​LeanMode Any Good?

Lean Mode has a couple of OK ingredients but probably won’t do much.

Created by Evolution Nutrition, Lean Mode is a relatively cheap fat burner with five active ingredients. It’s not a great fat burner. Most of the ingredients either require more research to determine their effect on weight loss or are under-dosed, and the two effective weight loss ingredients are not exactly the best options, they are tier 2 type ingredients.   

The two ingredients that Lean Mode gets right are green tea extract and green coffee bean extract. However, they are tier 2 ingredients and we wouldn’t recommend a fat burner where these two are your primary active ingredients. There are far more effective ingredients that should make up the bulk of the formula, such as glucomannan for appetite suppression, and coffee and cayenne pepper for energy and thermogenesis.   

At $25 for a one-month supply, Lean Mode fat burner is a cheap option, but you get what you pay for: this is far from the most effective weight loss aid available. Fat burners like Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout Cut are certainly more expensive but they are also much more effective. Each one is full of effective, properly dosed ingredients, and as such, they are worth the extra cost.

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LeanMode Review: Conclusion

Lean Mode contains two effective ingredients: green tea extract and green coffee bean extract. Neither are top-tier fat burners, although both do offer some fat-burning benefits. The other ingredients in LeanMode might work, although the evidence suggests that both CLA and acetyle-l-carnitine would need to be included in much higher doses to be effective.

At just $25, Lean Mode is a fairly cheap fat burner but it is also a fairly ineffective one. Customer reviews of Lean Mode reflect this. Many customers found the supplement did nothing at all and some found that it had side effects, such as giving them a bad stomach.

Had Evolution Nutrition included a few much decent weight loss ingredients in Lean Mode we might have been able to call it a mediocre fat burner, but since it includes so little we have to conclude that it’s really not great. Top fat-burning ingredients are missing, like glucomannan, cayenne pepper, and coffee androgens.

For a top-quality fat burner, we recommend trying Hunter Burn. Its unique formula is one of the best we’ve seen and it is very highly dosed to give you a real fat-burning boost. You can read more about Hunter Burn and other top fat burners on our best fat burners list.  

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Category Score
 Appetite 4/10
Cravings 2/10
Thermogenesis 5/10
Energy 5/10
Customer Reviews 5/10
Value 5/10
Overall 5/10


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