Force Factor Smarter Greens Reviews

Is force factor smarter greens good for you?

There's quite a lot to unpack with Force Factor Smarter Greens with a lot of pros and cons on their unusual take.

Let's start with the Force Factor Smarter Greens tablets and get those out of the way as this will be pretty quick. They're not great. The idea is nice, but functionally most of the ingredients in them are under dosed, unfortunately to get this many ingredients into a capsule just doesn't work. A quick example would be the Ashwagandha, Rhodolia, Cordycepts and Holy Basil that make up the stress reduction blend. The stress reduction blend contains 4 ingredients and totals 600mg. Ashwagandha's effective range starts at 600mg, Rhodolia at 200mg. Which means that at least something is going to be under dosed here. This is pretty much common throughout the Smarter Greens Superfoods pills as a whole. So, they could do in a pinch if you wanted to keep a pack at the office in case you forgot to have your Greens Powder in the morning and wanted to keep topped up. But, they're not great as a standalone product.

As for Force Factors Smarter Greens Superfoods powder, we've got a lot more to go through. And it's middling, it has a very large amount of brown rice protein in the formula (estimated to be a third or more of the 9 gram greens and vegetables blend) this is a cheap filler that doesn't really offer much in the way of the nutritional profile we'd want in a greens powder and has far more value in a vegan protein powder. Then there's what appears to be at least a gram of tapioca, which is also pretty much nutritionally empty, so it seems like a rather misguided inclusion.

Force Factor are pretty middle of the road in terms of essential vitamins & minerals by comparison to some of the competitors which are much more comprehensive in terms of hitting your daily nutrition.

We also don't see any of the good mood and overall healthy super herb inclusions from the smarter greens superfoods capsules, which is also a bit disappointing, although it does mean you could take the two together. At which point it would be close to being a good product, but the problem is that even at that point if we compared it against Super Green Tonik, which has the correct amount of the ingredients that Force Factor underdoses in these two items, then it loses out.

There are definitely some Force Factor Smarter Greens benefits, and as we often say, it's really hard to make a greens powder that won't do any good for you at all. There's just better options available. This is pretty true of the other slight variations on the other Force Factor Smarter Greens blends available as well. 

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The most common questions about Force Factor Smarter Greens

How Does Force Factor Smarter Greens Taste?

The natural unflavored version of smarter greens superfoods isn't great, we'd recommend giving this a pass. As for the pomegranate, it's ok, but doesn't cover the greens taste very well, so if you're particularly inclined to not want a greens powder that tastes vegetably, then we'd say avoid. The lemon lime does the job pretty well, but is a little saccharine and we'd have preffered something a little bit sharper. So it tastes pretty good, but there's a lot of better options, it's definitely worse than AG1, Spruce or Super Green Tonik.

What Are The Benefits Of Force Factor Smarter Greens?

Aside from helping cover vitamins and minerals, there's a host of antioxidants which is good, the guy bacteria is going to support digestive health, although, not as well as a dedicated probiotic. The prebiotic blend does add something a little extra here, but still scores middling against other greens powders. Other than that it's quite focused on Flax, Brown Rice and Barley which don't have nearly as many health benefits when it comes to secondary benefits than other greens blends and they don't really include much in the way of super herbs, so for gut health we score 4 out of 5 for a greens blend, 3 out of 5 for nutrients and everything else is a 1. So, in short, not nearly as much as the competition.

Side Effects of Force Factor Smarter Greens

Force Factor Smarter Greens is generally well-tolerated and does not have any listed side effects. However, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement, especially if you are taking medications or have any underlying medical conditions. Additionally, individuals should be cautious about exceeding recommended dosages, as excessive vitamin and mineral intake can have adverse effects on health.

How to Take Force Factor Smarter Greens

To take Force Factor Smarter Greens, simply mix one scoop of the powder into 8 to 10 ounces of water or your beverage of choice. It is recommended to consume one serving per day. Alternatively, Force Factor offers tablet and chewable options for those who prefer a different form of supplementation.

Force Factor Greens Review Conclusion

Force Factor isn't great. It's definitely going to have some health benefits, and it's not bad for your gut. But this is not nearly enough to support your health and definitely not going to supplement a poor diet. 

We don't recommend force factor against any of the leading competitors and certainly not when compared against the likes of super green tonik or spruce. It's packed full of filler and doesn't contain nearly enough greens to even really call itself a greens powder. It's more of a grains and roots powder, which we're pretty sure most people wouldn't want to buy. 

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Category Score
Taste 3/10
Health Benefits 3/10
Mixability 3/10
Ingredients 2/10
Customer Reviews 7/10
Value 3/10
Overall 3/10