Jacked Factory Lean PM Reviews 2023

Lean PM Is Good For Sleep, Doesn't Does Nothing For Fat Burning

Lean PM is an interesting take on the world of fat burners, in that it's actually more of a sleep aid supplement catered to those on restricted calorie diets. As we all know getting the right amount of restful sleep is actually a core part of weight loss, and that's what Lean PM is leaning on (sorry), ensuring you manage to drift off into pleasant dreams to get the optimal metabolic rate for the following day, despite your calorie deficit. 

All that in mind, realistically speaking Lean PM lacks some of the ingredients we like to see in a night time fat burner, and as such a recommendation for general purpose would be irresponsible. It's certainly got it's uses however, and has some great ingredients for appetite suppressant such as 5HTP, but all in all this is really only something that will be useful for those of you who are looking at achieving a very low body fat percentage or perhaps for those of you who are struggling to lose weight because of difficulty sleeping and/or hunger cravings late in evening. 

The problem is that it claims to be a fat burner, and it’s not. It is a decent supplement to help you sleep whilst restricting calories to the point it effects your sleep. But we wouldn’t recommend it for a first port of call as it’s a highly specialised supplement.  

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Does Lean PM work?

Why is it that the most burning questions are typically so complicated to answer? Ofcourse the answer to this question depends on your goals and how you plan on achieving them. In terms of the ingredients and dosage, we believe that Lean PM will help you to fall asleep faster, help you into a deeper sleep and help suppress food cravings and as such, when paired with healthy lifestyle habits, would help work towards your goals. That said, it is not the best fat burner sleep aid on the market, and will not be able to lose weight for you effectively without a lot of work on your end. For those in this situation, there's others on the market that will better stimulate your metabolism, suppress your appetite all while helping you get a good night's rest.

Is Lean PM safe?

There's nothing contained in Lean PM that is a cause for concern, though it's always worth checking with your doctor if you're on any kind of medication, although in most cases we wouldn't expect any notable leanPM side effects. 

Lean PM Reviews Conclusion

Lean PM could be a decent extra to have as a weight loss aid, but it’s by no means the best, if the issue that you have is specifically the fact that you struggle to get to sleep whilst dieting then it’s not terrible. But, that is it’s only use case, and we still wouldn’t recommend it over some of it’s better competition, but it’s a solid 7/10. Not the best, but not terrible. 

The catch is that LeanPM claims to burn fat, so if we’re scoring it as a fat burner it scores poorly, very poorly. It’s got a couple of B tier ingredients in the tea extract and the vitamins, and one good one in 5htp, but the latter is really for craving suppression. 

In short we don’t mind LeanPM as a product if it was marketed correctly. The problem is that we’re reviewing it based on it’s claims. And it claims to boost metabolism, and help you burn fat…… 

Better sleep yes, anything else, no.  

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Thermogenesis 1/10
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