Hourglass Fit Review 

Hourglass Fit - A Weight Loss Aid We Actually Like!

Hourglass fit is actually the first fat burner that we’ve given a positive review. That’s right it’s not absolutely terrible. It has somehow managed to do the very basics right of including the two most important ingredients for appetite suppression and even added them in the right doses. It’s a miracle. 

Well it’s not a miracle pill, but considering the standard set by the vast majority of the supplements that we’ve reviewed it may as well be.   Hourglass fit loads up heavily with 5HTP and Glucomannan. 5HTP effects your dopamine receptors and was until recently only used medicinally and required prescription, but after a long time being used this way has been deemed complete safe for over the counter use. There were actually some concerns it could be too effective at suppressing appetite, and was even proven with brain scans showing people were less enticed by unhealthy foods after taking it. 

Glucomannan on the other hand expands in your stomach, 2 capsules of hourglass fit become about the same size as a cream cheese bagel, making you feel less hungry, helping you stick to your diet.   

The rest of the ingredients all raise metabolism, or help keep you energized when you’re cutting calories, but the main thing is that hourglass fit really will actually help you stick to a diet. And can actually back up it’s claims unlike 90% of fat burners that promise a magic pill and actually do nothing. Added to which they’ve got 1000s of testimonials and positive reviews and loads of great before and after stories.   

We like hourglass fit, we recommend hourglass fit and you can find it here.  

Hourglass Fit Review: Conclussion

Hourglass Fit is a high quality fat burner that will help women lose weight as part of a calorie-controlled diet alongside regular exercise.

It won't make you magically lose weight, but it will help you stick to a diet.  

Taken regularly, it will reduce hunger cravings, especially for sugar, while providing you with an energy and metabolism boost, meaning you will be more motivated to exercise and you will get more out of it.

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Category Score
 Appetite 9/10
Cravings 10/10
Thermogenesis 8/10
Energy 8/10
Customer Reviews 10/10
Value 10/10
Overall 9/10


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