Relief Factor Reviews 2023

Does Relief Factor Work? And Do We Recommend It?

Relief Factor Isn't Bad, It's Just Overpriced

Relief Factor is not a bad supplement, their marketing is just absolutely appalling. The fact is that it does contain a few solid ingredients that have been shown to improve joint pain, and are good for milder cases of osteoarthritis, but their marketing would have you believe it's a wonder pill that will cure all your woes. Unfortunately joint pain relief isn't that simple.

The other issue that we have with Relief Factor is it's price point, it simply has no reason to be as expensive as it is, and we expect this is simply due to the size of their marketing budget. Now, that all said, the supplement itself isn't bad in terms of what it contains, it does miss out on a few ingredients that would make it more effective and includes Icariin which is not well backed. We'd have preferred to see Eurovita Extract 77 (a concentrated ginger extract) as this could've been used without a need to have more than 2 capsules and have still included an effective dosage. This leads us on to the other thing that Relief Factor gets right. They do correctly dose their ingredients which is a distinct positive. And one that we'd like to see more supplements do.

All in all Relief Factor isn't bad, we'd just say you'd get a lot better value from a store brand omega oil supplement and a different dedicated joint and muscle pain supplement that contains more of the other effective joint supplements such as Physio Flex Pro, which covers the ginger extracts, collagens which are actually prescribed outside of the USA [1] like glucosamine on top of the Turmeric in Relief Factor. In short, you can get a lot more for your money elsewhere. 

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Relief Factor Reviews FAQ

Your most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our relief factor reviews

Is Relief Factor A Scam?

Relief factor isn't a scam, they just overdo their marketing promises. They are also pretty overpriced, but it can work for a lot of people so we wouldn't say it's a scam. Most of the relief factor ingredients are proven to work and properly dosed, in fact there's only one ingredient that we'd really question. The price point however it startlingly high for what you get, perhaps this also adds to people thinking relief factor is a scam.

Is Relief Factor Safe?

Yes relief factor is safe, unless you suffer from any allergies or are on medication which can clash with the relief factor ingredients. Although people on blood pressure medication should seek medical advice before taking any omega 3 fatty acids as supplementing can cause blood pressure issues.

What Is Better Than Relief Factor?

Relief Factor vs Factor 5

Relief Factor wins hands down when it comes to a shoot out against Factor 5. The later has a dosage of just 20mg of Turmeric (which is not effective). Then tops it off with garlic, celery, horsetail and stinging nettle. Of which none of these ingredients have much if any backing at all, with the exception of garlic although there's an easier way to go about getting garlic than a $40 supplement. Stinging nettles have some minimal backing as a topical application, but there's nothing to suggest consuming them will do anything at all. No questions here, in the battle of Relief Factor vs Factor 5, it's easy to see who wins.

Relief Factor vs Jointlax

We prefer Relief Factor over Jointlax, and that's because despite Jointlax having a lot of good ingredients it under doses pretty much all of them. It uses the cheaper option of Glucosamine Sulphate that make it look like they have high enough dose of Glucosamine, but sulphate isn't as pure as HCL, meaning their dosages are actually too low. Then they have border line joke levels of ingredients like ginger 25mg (when you need 250mg of a specific concentrated extract to be effective) we can see that jointlax is designed to look like it's got a lot of good ingredients rather than actually dosing things correctly like relief factor.

Relief Factor vs Physio Flex Pro

This really comes down to how you view the question. If you're getting just one, we'd probably say get Relief Factor, but if you're happy to get Physio Flex Pro and a store brand Omega Oil supplement, you'll get far more for your money than you would from Relief Factor. We'd say Physio Flex Pro wins out in this one, that way you get everything you'd get from Relief Factor and more for less money.

Relief Factor Review Conclusion

Relief factor is a good albeit incredibly overpriced supplement. Unfortunately due to the price issue we can't really recommend it. There are other supplements that offer more outside of the omega 3, making relief factor a poor option. If there's a special offer on relief factor, then sure it's worth giving a try. When we look at how it stacks up against a lot of the competition we can see why our relief factor review is reasonably positive despite our issues with the product. The only issue we have is that it isn't quite the best, despite being the market leader.

And with there being so many supplement options that can help with joint pain relief, it was inevitable that there would be at least one better option as a relief factor alternative. And whilst Relief Factor is above average (if we ignore the crazy pricing), we'd suggest trying something else out first, typically we recommend Physio Flex Pro over Relief Factor.

Category Score
Ingredients 8/10
Joint Health 7/10
Pain Relief 7/10
Customer Satisfaction 4/10
Other Benefits 6/10
Value 1/10
Overall 6/10


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