AlphaBrain Reviews 2023

Is AlphaBrain Any Good? And Do We Recommend It?

AlphaBrain Review - Expensive and Impractical 

AlphaBrain is a nootropic which has a higher price tag and numerous problems. There are plenty of brands out there, but most of them don’t charge $70. This is on the more expensive side of nootropics, which is already a problem for them as it puts them up against the two best products on our best nootropics list.  

According to the manufacturer, the product is good for boosting memory, increasing focus, and improving overall cognitive function. The ingredients list is caffeine, nut, and gluten-free, as well as being paleo-abiding and keto-friendly.   

Unfortunately, the product is also rife with unfavorable reviews citing the high price, the potential side effects, and the lack of results over the long term. For this reason, it’s not difficult to see why the product is not worth the investment. There are other brands which do a far better job for less, like Hunter Focus.    

Allegedly, AlphaBrain takes effect quite quickly, with effects starting anywhere between 30-45 minutes after consumption. You have to take the supplements for more than a month to see any real change, however. 

AlphaBrain Reviews FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about alphabrain

AlphaBrain Side Effects

Due to the inclusion of Vinpocetine common side effects include:

anxiety, stomach discomfort, sleep problems, headache, dizziness, and flushing

Does AlphaBrain Work?

There's a few good ingredients in AlphaBrain, 

We like Phosphatidylerine as it's one of the best nootropic ingredients, Bacopa, Tyrosine etc, the main issue is we can't be 100% sure if the dosages are high enough to work effectively due to it being a proprietary blend. It's unlikely that some of the ingredients are although it's likely that AlphaBrain does work to some extent. It just isn't likely to be nearly as effective as their marketing claims.

AlphaBrain Review Conclusion

AlphaBrain is one of those nootropics which has an impressive ingredients list, but this is offset by higher costs and a lack of discernible results in a reasonable period. Considering the $70 retail price, it can be expensive to take the supplements for long enough to see some genuine results, which is unfortunate.

Many dissatisfied users point to the lack of real results and a slew of side effects. This product is packed full of vitamins and chemicals which far exceed the recommended dose for a daily intake - making side effects a regular occurrence.

Ultimately, there are plenty of other products which do a better job than AlphaBrain does. It is clear to see why there are more popular products like Hunter Focus, which do a similar job without the drawbacks. Arguably the most damning critique of the product is the price, however.

A retail price of $70 puts this firmly in the higher end of supplements, which would be excusable if it worked well. However, the sheer volume of clients who report that this just doesn’t do much is proof that it isn’t worth the money you have to pay. 

Best Nootropics List
Category Score
Focus 7/10
Memory 7/10
Stress 5/10
Mood 5/10
Brain Health 6/10
Value 3/10
Overall 6/10


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