Super Joint Support Reviews

Does Super Joint Support actually work? 

Livingwell Super Joint Support will provide some benefits but for the same price there are much better products available. 

Super Joint Support considers itself the “strongest, most powerful and comprehensive joint support” on the market today. We’re not so sure. While it is certainly a reasonable joint supplement, it misses several ingredients normally considered pretty integral to joint health and includes a couple that are not fully supported by scientific research.   

Super Joint Support misses some of the most vital ingredients for a quality joint support supplement, including ginger, turmeric, and the most obvious joint supplement, omega-3s. Given the amount of verified research supporting the benefits of these three, it’s something of a surprise not one of them is included.   

On top of this, Super Joint Support is one of the more expensive joint supplements available. For this reason, we would expect to see a better-crafted formula than what is on offer. A single month of Super Joint Support costs $69. This is the same price as FlexAgain, which offers several more proven ingredients, including omega-3s, ginger and a potent form of turmeric extract (in a dose that actually works) in addition to pretty much all the worthwhile ingredients found in Super Joint Support

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Super Joint Support Review: Conclusion 

Although Super Joint Support does include some good ingredients, for the price point we would expect more. There should be at least some ginger, turmeric, or omega-3s included and perhaps some of the dud ingredients, like sodium, removed. The white willow bark is also a dubious choice as it can interact with medication some people might be using and is basically not much more than a painkiller, which could be taken separately by those who want to.

That said, Super Joint Support offers a good dose of vitamin D, collagen, and MSM. But really, for the price there are far superior joint supplements available that include most of the beneficial ingredients in Super Joint Support plus the really important ones that are missing.  In short, get FlexAgain instead, it's got everything good in Super Joint Support and more for the same price.

FlexAgain Deals
Category Score
Ingredients 6/10
Joint Health 6/10
Pain Relief 6/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Other Benefits 5/10
Value 6/10
Overall 6/10


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