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Is CarboFix A Scam?

CarboFix Is Not A Good Fat Burner

Generally weight loss aids that talk about brown adipose tissue or APK very heavily tend to be on the less effective side of weight loss aids and CarboFix is no exception. 

CarboFix claims it's ingredients slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and prevent their storage as fat. This feature in theory allows you to consume carbohydrates without the worry of new fat storage. But, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

There is some evidence that this can be done with fat specific lipase inbitors, but even the evidence for that is a somewhat mixed and makes only a very minimal difference. Much less than even a simple caffeine pill which suppresses appetite and makes you move more, meaning CarboFix isn't off to a great start with it's marketing. 

As it happens most of the ingredients in CarboFix have some effects on insulin sensitivity and in theory appetite regulation, but the problem is most of them require 1 gram or more. And considering the entire CarboFix supplement is less than 2 grams, we're not getting anything too effective here. Then there's the issue of AMPk activation, which they market from, this is only an issue in particularly rare cases, it's a marketing gimmick praying on people looking for an alternative solution. 

All in all CarboFix doesn't contain any of the more effective and well studied ingredients that we expect to see in weight loss aids. Which work in far more simple ways. For example, glucomannan, a 1000mg dose swells to the size of a bagel in your stomach making you feel full. Or as we mentioned simple caffeine which makes you move more, burning more calories and has been shown to suppress appetite. 

There are much better options especially when you consider CarboFix being priced as a premium weight loss aid.

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Customers CarboFix Reviews

There aren't a whole lot of legitimate or verified CarboFix reviews available online. It seems most of the versions of CarboFix on Amazon are fake, this is a relatively common occurance on Amazon unforunately as the site has become flooded with fake versions of these sorts of flash in the pan supplements. As the manufacturers don't bother to trademark them. 

Beyond that, most of the reviews of CarboFix are clearly trying to sell the product. We did find what looked to be one legitimate customer review of CarboFix on reddit, and they simply said the product didn't work for them as a response to another redditors question, which is hardly a lot to go from.

CarboFix Review Conclusion

CarboFix may have some benefits for people who specifically struggle with insulin sensitivity, but that's a relatively small part of the weight loss market despite the trends for less scrupulous companies telling people this is the solution to all their problems.

All in all considering it's priced against the best and far more well proven weight loss aids, we can't recommend CarboFix.

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