F BRN Komplex Review

What Is BRN Komplex?

F-Brn Komplex has a bit of a sketchy reputation on the food supplement market and not just because it doesn't seem to live up to its claims. Weight loss aids like this one, are largely the reason the industry has a bad reputation.

The product manufacturer claim that F-Brn Komplex can give you more energy to get through your workout while reducing food cravings. However, there is plenty of negative customer feedback that denies this.    

As a fat-burning food supplement, the formulation of F-Brn Komplex is somewhat lacking at first glance. For a start, scanning the ingredient list will show you that they have based their formulation on old, outdated and much-disproved science.    

Before we even gave the product a try for ourselves, we had doubts that the combination of ingredients used would be effective as a fat-burning supplement, and we were not wrong.    

For a start, we spotted that F-Brn Komplex contains Garcinia Cambogia, an ingredient that many recent studies have linked to a risk of health concerns and that the FDA has warned against consuming products containing it. If that doesn't get alarm bells ringing about the quality of this product, we don't know what else will!  

If you're looking for a safe weight loss aid then we recommend you pick something from our best weight loss aids list.

F BRN Komplex Review: Conclussion

We consider the ingredient formulation to be poorly thought out and even a little questionable (Garcinia Cambogia), so we recommend you steer clear of this product in favour of something much better from our favourite fat burners.     

If you are looking for an effective fat-burning food supplement that doesn't have any questionable ingredients and is going to help suppress your appetite, then pretty much anything else on the market would be a better option than F-Brn Komplex. 

That said we typically recommend instant knockout a fat burner that has been on the market for 10 years, actually has safe ingredients that are proven to work.

Category Score
 Appetite 1/10
Cravings 1/10
Thermogenesis 1/10
Energy 1/10
Customer Reviews 1/10
Value 1/10
Overall 1/10