BioTrust Joint 33x Reviews 2023

Does ​BioTrust Joint 33x Really Work? 

Biotrust have quite a wide range of supplements and most of them are under dosed.

Biotrust joint 33x being a poor supplement with minimal ingredients and ill thought out doses is par for the course for the company. It seems like their goal is to take one cheap ingredient in its correct dose, and then add a couple of other joint pain supplements at a fraction of their tested doses so they can hike the price up.

Biotrust Joint 33X isn't a very good supplement, it relies heavily on tiny doses of hyaluronic acid and collagen, followed by the minimal effective dose of boswellia. Whilst the latter (boswellia) does have some function, the 40mg dose of collagen will be ineffectual and hyaluronic acid does have benefits for joint discomfort, it has to be injected into the site, not swallowed in a capsule form.

You will likely see some benefit from Biotrust, but if we compare it to better supplements on the market, like FlexAgain (which contains the correct dose of 11 ingredients), for minimally more than what Biotrust joint 33x charges for one, we can't really recommend it as a joint health supplement.

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Biotrust Review FAQ

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Is BioTrust Joint 33x Safe?

Joint 33X should be safe, there are some side effects that can present as a result of boswellia, typically nausea, which can be partially mitigated by taking it with food. It has no known severe or moderate interactions with any medications. 

Where To Buy BioTrust

Biotrust Joint 33X on Amazon is generally a little bit more expensive than it is on their own website, but then again there are a lot of plain Boswellia Serrata supplements that you could get on Amazon instead. 

Biotrust Joint 33x vs FlexAgain

There isn't really much of a competition between our top rated joint supplement and BioTrust. FlexAgain contains the two ingredients that work in Biotrust joint 33x as well as a host of other more effective ingredients like curcumin, omega 3, eurovita, bromelain amongst others. And the fact that it costs $49 per bottle vs FlexAgain's $60 a bottle really makes this no comparison. Even if you took half doses of FlexAgain you'd still get more value from it than BioTrust Joint 33X and improve joint health quite a lot more effectively.

BioTrust Joint 33x Review Conclusion

BioTrust Joint 33x is a terrible value supplement, it does have one ingredient in a functional dosage, but you could get this for around $10 a month and the rest is either ineffective or in too low of a dose to improve joint mobility or improve joint discomfort. There are much better over the counter supplements available in the same price range that do more to improve overall joint health. We do not recommend BioTrust Joint 33X and recommend that you either just get a boswellia serrata pill to save money, or get FlexAgain instead if you want something that is a catch all for overall joint health.

Category Score
Ingredients 3/10
Joint Health 3/10
Pain Relief 4/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Other Benefits 3/10
Value 3/10
Overall 3/10


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