Testosterone Elite Review

Is Life Extension Testosterone Elite any good?

Life Extension’s Testosterone Elite supplement is not worth the money. It contains only one effective ingredient and costs as much as other testosterone boosters that contain eight or more

Testosterone Elite contains almost nothing. With just three ingredients and only one of those being a verified testosterone booster, we’re surprised that Life Extension has the audacity to ask $50 per bottle. There are many testosterone boosters available that contain between eight and 10 ingredients, all supported by science, for around the same price.

In addition, of the three ingredients included, only one, luteolin, is actually going to give your testosterone production a boost. The other two, theobromine and cacao, have only been properly tested on rats with some very strange results.

In some rats, the combination of theobromine and cacao resulted in abnormalities in the testis, although in another study plasma testosterone levels were increased, at least compared to rats only given caffeine. If that all sounds a bit weird to you, it’s because it is. These ingredients clearly need to be researched more thoroughly before you put them into your body and definitely before anyone can claim they will boost your t levels.

There are literally dozens of ingredients Life Extension could have included instead. Even a simple mix of vitamins and minerals would be more worthwhile. Vitamin D’s effect on testosterone levels is well-documented, as is remedying zinc and magnesium deficiencies. These three (fairly cheap) ingredients would be more worthwhile than the three Life Extensions choose to include.

All things considered, this is an extremely overpriced testosterone booster that is unlikely to do a whole lot. If you want a quality testosterone booster that includes the one active ingredient in Testosterone Elite, luteolin, then choose Prime Male instead. Not only does it include luteolin, Prime Male includes 10 additional ingredients, and every single one is a verified testosterone booster! 

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Life Extension Testosterone Elite Review: Conclusion

We recommend avoiding Testosterone Elite. With just three ingredients and only one active, effective ingredient, this is a thoroughly over-priced testosterone supplement.

For the $50 Life Extension are charging for their Testosterone Elite t booster, we would expect to see many more quality, testosterone-boosting ingredients. A simple mix of vitamins and minerals to eradicate deficiencies, and at least one or two more active ingredients to go together with the luteolin.

If luteolin is the ingredient you are after, then we recommend choosing Prime Male, admittedly it’s $25 more per bottle, but it’s well worth it. Not only does it contain luteolin, but Prime Male also features 10 more testosterone-boosting ingredients, including all the vitamins and minerals we mentioned, plus great ingredients like ashwagandha, ginseng, and D-aspartic acid. All of which are properly dosed. 

Category Score
Stregnth 2/10
Mood 3/10
Libido 2/10
Ingredients 2/10
Customer Reviews 2/10
Value 2/10
Overall 2/10


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