Athletic Greens AG1 Reviews 2023

Is Athletic Greens Worth It? 

AG1 Is Good, But, Is It The Best?

Athletic Greens AG1 is undoubtedly the most well known greens powder on the market, and it certainly seems like a good idea to anyone on a busy schedule who wants a catch all to make sure that they stock up on the nutrition that they’d normally get from green vegetables. Overall AG1 reviews from customers are generally positive and all in all it’s a solid product. The question really comes down to if Athletic Greens AG1 is the best greens powder available, and that’s where we’d start to ask some questions. The main issue we have with athletic greens come from the fact that they us a proprietary blend, which makes it difficult to tell whether you’re getting good value for money and the fact that since AG1 took the market by storm, there have been several competitors that have made better greens powders in terms of taste, price and some that contain more and better ingredients.
AG1 is a decent product, and if you wanted to try greens powders for the first time, you could ultimately do a lot worse. But, it’s not the top of our best greens powder list by a long way.  

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AG1 Review FAQ

Commonly asked questions about AG1

Is Athletic Greens Good For You?   

There’s not really much doubt that greens powders are good for you, although you do miss out on one of the benefits of eating leafy greens as a whole food, and that’s the fact that they fill you up, making you less likely to overeat. Greens powders are also slightly less bioavailable, meaning that you don’t absorb quite as much of the nutrients, but for most people this is negligible and with the average American diet being pretty bad, products like athletic greens are good for most people.

What Does Athletic Greens Taste Like?   

Athletic Greens are flavored pineapple, vanilla or papaya. Like most greens powders they do come with a vegetable under taste. Although some people also like to mix them into other make the flavor nicer. Typically blending it together with fruit is most people’s go to. If you’re not a massive fan of these flavors though, we’d recommend that you go for an athletic greens alternative, there are quite a few available.

AG1 Review Conclusion

Athletic Greens AG1 is a good product, it’s just no longer the best greens powder on the market, it’s a safe choice for anyone looking for a first time purchase and in all honesty it tastes pretty good as greens powders go. They’re not for everyone mind. It’s a good alternative to a multivitamin if you want to get some added anti oxidants and generally a lot of the good stuff you expect to get from green vegetables, the downside to it however is that it pays homage to a lot of very beneficial herbs rather than actually including functional doses. It seems that they’re hiding behind a proprietary blend when it simply isn’t possible that there is enough of each of the ingredients to reach effective levels. 

Whilst it’s not a bad product, we generally prefer Super Green Tonik, whilst we prefer the taste, this is obviously subjective. The main reason we recommend Super Green Tonik instead is the transparent label which means that we verify it uses effective doses of some of the most powerful ingredients in the formula. 

Try Super Green Instead
Category Score
Taste 8/10
Health Benefits 7/10
Mixability 8/10
Ingredients 7/10
Customer Reviews 8/10
Value 3/10
Overall 7/10


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