Nugenix Total T Reviews 2023

Does Nugenix Total T Really Work?

Nugenix Total T is overpriced and outdated.

The problem with Nugenix Total T isn't that the product doesn't contain effective ingredients, it's simply that it's dramatically overpriced for what it is. 

Realistically it's a mid tier testosterone booster that prices itself against the best testosterone boosters on the market. The ingredients that it banks on are useful, however they're not the most effective. We suspect that Nugenix chose them for price, as they're are some of the least expensive to put into a testosterone supplement. 

They do also correctly dose Fenugreek, Boron, B Vitamins and Zinc, as such if this was a low budget option we'd be able to recommend it. Unfortunately Nugenix Total T neglects more effective ingredients like DAA, Ashwagandha and most egregiously Panax Ginseng. It also under doses Tongkat Ali at 100mg, meaning it's not going to be adding all too much to the supplement. All of which are commonly available in the boosters that made our best list and sit in Nugenix Total T's price range. In short, Nugenix Total T is not a bad product, in fact as supermarket brands go, it's actually quite good, which has led to a lot of positive customer reviews of Nugenix Total T due to it being the best of a bad bunch. 

However, when we compare it to the most cutting edge testosterone boosters, it's very much a dated formula. 

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Nugenix Total T Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our nugenix reviews

Does Nugenix Total T Work?

Yes and no, Nugenix Total T does have enough effective ingredients that it will work for a lot of people in terms of improving testosterone production. The catch is as we said in the intro that their are a lot of better testosterone boosters available. As for their claims around sexual health, we'd say they're actually quite poorly dosed for this and there are a lot of better ingredients available. Maca just being one example that we pretty much expect to see in any libido boosting product.

Nugenix Total T Side Effects

With Nugenix main ingredients being Fenugreek Extract and L-Citrulline you're very unlikely to experience any side effects. L-Citrulline has no known side effects although it can effect the way some other drugs will work, so it is recommended that you shouldn't take it if you are taking nitrates for heart disease. As for Fenugreek taking too much can result in a drop in blood sugar or nausea, but this is relatively rare and shouldn't occur if you take nugenix total t with meals.  

Nugenix Total T Vs The Competition

We rate Nugenix Total T against other popular testosterone supplements

Nugenix Total T vs Prime Male

Prime Male wins this contest hands down, the inclusion of Ginseng and DAA means that it not only outstrips Nugenix Total T for building lean muscle mass, but for stress relief and with the addition of luteolin which suppresses estrogen it results in much greater free testosterone levels. 

Prime Male was rated our number one testosterone booster for 2022, this is due to it's efficacy as an all round testosterone boosting supplement, covering all the bases with ideal dosages of most ingredients.

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Nugenix Total T vs Maxx

Nugenix Total T Maxx is a better testosterone booster all around, the inclusion of Ashwagandha and Maca makes it far better than the older Nugenix Total T formula for Testosterone levels as a stand alone as well as for stress and libido related issues. 

On top of that it also includes a good dosage of Vitamin D, another common deficiency which causes low testosterone levels, and it is the most common vitamin deficiency in amongst US men.

Nugenix Total T Review Conclusion

Nugenix Total T isn't a bad test booster, it's OK. But unfortunately it's priced highly and the formula is a bit dated. As a result their are much better options available on the market. It scores poorly in terms of libido, muscle growth and mood, but reasonably well in terms of raising testosterone levels. It has the base of being a decent testosterone booster, but that's about it. 

Nugenix Total T lacks any of the more effective ingredients it would require to make our best list, or to be the best at any particular issue. We don't recommend Nugenix Total T, however, if you've already bought it, it's an OK product, we'd just recommend switching to a more effective product as soon as you run out. 

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Category Score
Stregnth 5/10
Mood 5/10
Libido 6/10
Ingredients 6/10
Customer Reviews 9/10
Value 4/10
Overall 6/10


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