Sasha Fitness Fit9 Reviews 2023

Fit9 - Good Supplement or Bad Diet Fad?

Fit9 isn’t a good weight loss product. It’s the only fat burning product offered by Sascha Fitness, a company far more known for their mass gaining products. It looks to us like they wanted to branch out and Fit9 was born. As a result this looks a lot like a hastily cobbled together first product, and unfortunately it does show.

Overall it’s a relatively confused supplement that seems to throw a load of ingredients together from nootropics, weight loss aids and general health supplements in the hope that something was going to stick, half of Fit9’s ingredients have nothing to do with weight loss of fat burning and the ones that do are typically the B tier of ingredients from much better fat burners. We don’t see anything actually proven to suppress appetite here like glucomannan (which swells 50x larger in the stomach to make you feel full, one dose being about the size of a bagel) or 5htp (which has been shown to reduce cravings and shown to lower interest in sugary and unhealthy foods on brain scans). On top of that we don’t even really have a great deal of energy boosters which are important because people move less when in a calorie deficit, meaning you don’t benefit as much from your diet as you’d like.

Which leads us to the problem we’re having we’re honestly not quite sure what Fit9 was trying to achieve beyond adding another product to their line. This is another example of a North American aimed fat burner where they wouldn’t get away with marketing it the way they do in Europe due to it not containing well proven ingredients. It won’t actually help you “burn fat”. At least not very well. And the best ingredient it does have DIM, is more of a muscle builder and has a whole host of side effects and a lot of quite severe intolerances. To make matters worse, customers Fit9 reviews seem to be largely fake with the legitimate ones complaining of Fit9 side effects.

If we compared Fit9 to something like Hourglass Fit which does contain ingredients that are well studied and backed (eg glucomannan and 5htp) then there really isn’t much competition at all.   

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Customers Fit9 Reviews

When you first stop and take a look at this, you do notice that there are quite a few good reviews. This is to be expected with a lot of fat loss pills, it is unfortunately common practice with certain brands to fake their customer reviews. That and there’s a nominal placebo effect if people think it will help them stick to their diet it will to a point. There was even an experiment done which showed when people were told they were drinking a high calorie shake vs a low calorie one they stayed fuller for longer, even though it was the same shake.   

With all this in mind when you peel back the list of fake fit9 reviews to get to the realistic ones, you start to see a fair few problems. A lot of people complain about the side-effects like headaches, nausea, dehydration, and the list goes on. This is not what you want to see from a fat burning pill. A long line of side-effects means that the product is not very good, and probably wasn’t tested well before release.  

Fit 9 Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions in fit 9 reviews

Is Fit 9 Safe?

Fit 9 should be safe, in that all the ingredients in it are "safe" for human consumption, although a lot of them do have known side effects, Fit9 does seek to mitigate that slightly by suggesting users take a smaller dosage to begin with, but it's still not great.

Is Fit 9 A Good Weight Loss Aid?  

No it isn't, we'd recommend taking a look at our best weight loss aids list for something that works.

Fit9 Reviews Conclusion

So, this is not a great product. Unfortunately, it suffers from a lot of the same issues that many fat loss pills do in the sense that there is very little in the ingredients list that actually helps you create a calorie deficit or to keep moving whilst in one.

Supporting you in doing this is usually achieved by something that suppresses the appetite, something which expands and fills the stomach or something that gives you energy. None of the products in here do either of the first two, and it’s not particularly great at the latter either.

The diuretic component is possibly dangerous for people who have medical conditions that mean they have difficulty retaining fluid. However, generally speaking, you don’t want to actively reduce the amount of fluid in your body.

Water weight may be an inconvenience, but it means that we do have water stores available when we need them, and suddenly shifting them all at once might seem like a good idea, but it doesn’t do much besides give you a temporary cosmetic boost. You haven’t actually burned any fat, you’ve just shifted water weight, which is probably why people think it works.

Ultimately, this isn’t a very good product. It seems like a first attempt into the market, and unfortunately, it does show. The happy fans are probably people who support the muscle-building products and assume that this is the same high quality. The best thing you can do is try something like Hourglass Fit.  

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Category Score
 Appetite 1/10
Cravings 2/10
Thermogenesis 3/10
Energy 3/10
Customer Reviews 5/10
Value 1/10
Overall 2/10