Mind Lab Pro Review

Is Mind Lab Pro any good? And does it do what it claims, we review the nootropics worlds most popular supplement.

What Is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is one of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market. A nootropic supplement, often referred to as a smart drug, is a natural herbal pill designed to boost mental performance, promote long term brain health and help regulate mood balance. 

There are of course a multitude of individual herbs and vitamins that can help achieve various improvements in these regards, although it can get quite complicated if you start digging through the studies and looking for the exact studied doses and what they actually do. Some people do like to make their own and this is what's known as a nootropic stack. 

Mind Lab Pro, is a pre made nootropic stack. And if you're reading this mind lab pro review, odds are you want to know if it's any good. And the short answer is yes, the long answer is that depends what exactly you want it to do. As an all rounder Mind Lab Pro is a really good nootropic supplement. 

We scored it highly for mood, memory, focus and brain health. It contains numerous ingredients, correctly dosed and there's only a couple of things we'd change, unless you're after a more specialised nootropic. 

Generally speaking, we only rate Hunter Focus more highly than Mind Lab Pro as an overall nootropic although if you're looking for something specialised you can check out our best nootropics list . You can purchase Mind Lab Pro from their official website

Mind Lab Pro Review faq

Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Mind Lab Pro

Is Mind Lab Pro Safe

Mind Lab Pro is backed by years of scientific research and during the manufacturing process, it undergoes dozens of quality assurance checks and quality control measures to ensure the high quality of the product. It is also third-party lab tested to further strengthen the focus on the quality of the supplement.

Mad Lab Pro is available as an over-the-counter nootropic and hence is safe to use. However, the ingredients may have minor reactions in isolated cases. Bacopa monnieri can, at times, result in digestive issues and may result in temporary nausea and abdominal cramps. Similarly, phosphatidylserine may initially upset the stomach and increase stomach acidity.

Safe for use by all age groups over 18 years, Mad Lab Pro has shown significantly efficient results in aged people by re-boosting their brains to their prime condition. In case of any pre-existing conditions, it is always recommended to discuss with your physicians once before taking any supplement.

How Fast Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

Like any supplement available on market, Mad Lab Pro also takes its natural time to show its efficacy. However, due to the targeted ingredients, the immediate response of the medicine can be felt within a few hours of taking a prescribed dosage of two capsules. However, to get noticeable results it may take around two weeks. The ideal minimal duration of use for Mad Lab Pro is 30 days.

How To Take Mind Lab Pro?

Simply take 2 capsules first thing, we recommend taking them with food.


Mind Lab Pro Review: Conclussion

Mind Lab Pro is a good choice for a first nootropic supplement. It's a good all rounder, boosting mental performance, brain energy and has a decent benefit for brain regeneration. If you tolerate caffeine well however, then we'd recommend choosing Hunter Focus over Mind Lab Pro, as it has some better dosages and added ashwagandha which can help improve mood regulation and hormones, particularly in men. But in general we'd say mind lab pro is a good choice for helping improve your mental performance. 

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Category Score
Focus 8/10
Memory 9.5/10
Stress 9/10
Mood 9/10
Brain Health 10/10
Value 9/10
Overall 9/10