1st Phorm Opti Greens 50 Review 

Is opti greens 50 worth it?

Opti Greens 50

Opti Greens 50 is a greens powder supplement made by first phrorm Nutrition. It is designed to aid the digestive system, boost your micronutrient portfolio, and make you feel healthier. They even claim it contains all the nutrients of 11 servings of green vegetables.

The alarm bells immediately start ringing though when you see all of the ingredients are grouped into 5 different proprietary blends, which includes a Green Superfood Complex, Glycemic Balance Blend, Phytonutrient Complex, Plant Enzyme Blend, and Probiotic Blend.

Each of these proprietary blends hides the true doses of the included ingredients, making it hard to know how useful it is and easy for them to load it up with fillers. Even with this tactic though, you can still see that many of the key nutrients are included in very small doses.

Taste is another issue that will put off many potential buyers. With a new flavor available there is some good news. The old unflavored option which many people have described as "disgusting", wasn't a great start for the brand although the natural berry is a lot better. There have also been complaints of an unpleasant texture as well.

Opti Greens 50 does, admittedly boast a reasonable price tag, although it is still by no means the cheapest greens powder around. That is if you can even get hold of it too, as it can be very hard to buy if you live outside of Europe.

All in all, while some people may see small benefits from using Opti Greens 50, it just isn't a great product and can't justify its price. Especially as for just a little more you can get a greens powder like Supergreen Tonik, which tastes great and has been proven to be beneficial.

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Opti-Greens 50 Pros & Cons


  • Contains a number of effective ingredients
  • Is reasonably priced


  • Ingredients are hidden in proprietary blends
  • Only available in unflavoured
  • Many cheaper greens supplements are available
  • Not enough of the most effective ingredients are used
  • Can be hard to get hold of outside of Europe
  • There have been complaints about both its taste and texture
  • Some people have reported gastrointestinal side effects

OptiGreens 50 Review Conclusion

As we bring our Opti Greens 50 review to a close, it is clear that this is a greens supplement that looks good at first glance but falls apart as soon as you look at little closer. From proprietary blends to filler ingredients and low doses, it simply isn't going to be effective.

Throw in complaints about a poor taste and texture, side effects, and a lack of options and availability, and Opti Greens 50 has all the trademarks of a poor quality greens supplement that has been hastily thrown together.

It isn't even cheap, so there is simply no reason not to go with one of the many great greens powders that are currently on the market, like Supergreen Tonik. With both greater efficacy and all round enjoyment of the product, it is a complete greens powder that is much more worthy of your time. and money.

Try Super Green Instead
Category Score
Taste 5/10
Health Benefits 4/10
Mixability 6/10
Ingredients 5/10
Customer Reviews 8/10
Value 5/10
Overall 5/10


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