Relaxium Sleep Reviews

Does Relaxium Sleep Work?

Relaxium sleep isn't a terrible sleep aid, it just tries to include too much.

Relaxium does get a few things right, and whilst it's not going to top our best sleep supplements list any time soon, you can definitely do a lot worse. It's got a good dosage of GABA and Melatonin which are the backbone of a good natural sleep aid.

Relaxium Sleep may do OK with the valerian root assuming it's patented valerest formula which mixes it with hops contains very little hops, but, the real problem is that most of the other ingredients in Relaxium are either ineffective or in far too low dosages to work. Ashwagandha for example is quite a good sleep aid and has huge benefits to reducing stress which is a leading cause of insomnia. But, instead of putting in a functional dose, they include the ineffective passionflower and too little chamomile extract to do anything.

That said, the GABA, Melatonin and L-Tryptophan should be enough to back up Relaxium Sleep claims that it will improve sleep quality and help you fall asleep quickly as these ingredients are pretty well backed or that. There's just much cheaper options available that do the same thing, or supplements in Relaxium's price bracket which give you those ingredients, plus the correct dosages of Ashwagandha and a host of other actually functional inclusions. (RestAgain being our number one rated sleep aid).

Customers reviews of Relaxium Sleep are OK, which is what we'd expect from a product like relaxium which doesn't overpromise, it just overprices.

All in all Relaxium sleep is fine. But there's much better sleep supplements available.

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Relaxium Reviews FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about relaxium

Is Relaxium A Scam?

We wouldn't say relaxium is a scam, it contains melatonin which is actually perscribed in some places for insomnia, so it definitely has ingredients that are known to work. It's just overpriced for what it is and a lot of the ingredients could be better.

Is Relaxium Safe?

Relaxium is safe and most people shouldn't have any serious issues with melatonin based supplements. It is produced in the USA in factories that should comply with the FDA regulations. And at time of writing there are no FDA warnings about Relaxium. There have been some class actions around the overhyped advertising however. 

Relaxium Sleep Review Conclusion

Relaxium Sleep has some ok ideas and is better than some similar sleep aids. There's just better options on the market now, and when it came out it was pretty good. But, seeing as there's more detailed research on dosages from the last few years and Relaxium hasn't done anything to update their formula since then it's doesn't come out on top and hasn't done for some time. Unfortunately this is often the case with brands that have large television budgets is that they spend more on marketing than making a good product.

Relaxium Sleep is a 4/10, probably will help a lot of people fall asleep faster and there are definiteley worse sleep aids by big brands, but there's way better options from smaller companies like RestAgain

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